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3. Writing IELTS Test Questions:

The writing IELTS test questions test the student’s ability to understand and describe the graphic information or data clearly and accurately. The student will be asked to complete the task 1 in 20 minutes. The writing test questions related to task 1 will require the student to summarize and write the information that is presented in the form of a bar chart, line graph, table or a diagram. The questions related to line graph show a trend or pattern that usually takes place over a period of time. Before answering the writing task 1, it is essential that the student should select the appropriate details and organize the material in a relevant way in order to fulfill the task requirements satisfactorily.

When the student will have to interpret graphs, tables and charts he will find that he has to compare and contrast some of the details. The task 1 questions are put to check how the student structures his answer well and connects the ideas appropriately. In the general training writing task 1, the student will be given a situation and tested for his ability to write a letter in an appropriate style.

The task 2 will have to be completed in 40 minutes. A topic will be given to the student and he will be asked to present his viewpoints on that particular topic. He will be tested for his ability to produce a clear and logical argument. The student should try to analyze, evaluate, clarify and justify his views in 250 words.

4. Speaking IELTS Questions:

The speaking test questions are asked in the form of a one to one interview. There are three parts of the speaking test. The test questions that are asked allow the student to demonstrate his spoken English skills through a number of tasks.

The questions are designed to elicit a range of language on a variety of topics. The whole speaking test  round takes between 11 to 15 minutes. In the first part, the speaking test questions are related to general introduction, next is the cue card round and in the end two-way discussion takes place.

The sample questions help the student to know what types of questions he will come across in the test of IELTS and so he works accordingly, keeping in mind the various types of test questions that he is aware of.

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