Preparation Tips for IELTS

10 IELTS Preparation Tips

Preparing for any examination can be a daunting task and the IELTS examination is no different. But, tips and strategies can make the preparation process easier. Each examination requires unique preparatory techniques that should be made based on the utility of the score you receive, type of questions and time limit of the examination. The test is primarily an English language test and to make your preparation process easier some preparation tips are discussed in the following section.

Some Tips to Make Your Preparatory Process Easier

Tips and strategies developed by a candidate are unique and address the specific requirements of the student. Thus, to help you develop the techniques that will help you fare well in the test, some common tips for preparation are as follows:

1. As you practice for the test you will start identifying your strengths and your weaknesses. Devote more time to the areas that you are weak in and accordingly plan your study schedule. For example: if you are weak in the Reading section, you should give more time to reading books, newspapers, journals and magazines, since the reading materials that you will come across in the examination will be taken from the afore-mentioned texts. As you read, start taking mental notes about the main idea that the text is trying to portray as this will be the indicators to the answers.

2. You will get 2 hours 45 minutes to solve all the questions in the examination. For each section you will get a certain amount of time and you will have to solve the questions within that time. For example you will get 30 minutes to solve 40 questions of the Listening section. Thus, you should time yourself when you practice for the test.

3. You should develop your analytical skills, since they will be required when you will have to analyze diagrams, flow charts etc. for the Writing section.

4. The texts in the test, especially in the Academic version of it, are quite hard and chock-full of information. So, you should try to read fast and gather as much information as you can in short time. Time management is of the essence in an examination like IELTS.

5. While preparing or practicing for the test adhere strictly to the instructions provided. This is a necessary attribute that you require to develop if you want to fare well in the examination.

6. The Listening section is the section that most students have difficulty with. The preparation tips for this section are that you should listen to as many audio clips as you can, each referring to different scenarios. If you can listen to a variety of audio clips you will develop an ear for identifying the required information from the entire audio clip. This will help you answer the subsequent questions more efficiently.

7. When you prepare for the Speaking section of the examination, try to speak in front of a mirror. This will let you know how you are speaking and whether or not you are appearing nervous to the examiner. Remember you will get only 11 to 14 minutes to answer all the questions asked by the examiner. So, you should try and combat nervousness and try to speak clearly and articulately. When you are asked to speak on a topic, minor grammatical errors will be overlooked but you should be able to clearly explain your notions to the examiner.

8. When you prepare for the Writing section ensure that you know which version of the test you are appearing for because your practice modules that you will have to follow will differ according to that. You will need to practice a lot of writing if you wish to ace this section. Try to write short simple sentences so that your thoughts are clearly portrayed. Also try to keep within the word limit fixed by the test. You should not write less than the prescribed word limit, since you will be penalized for it.

9. The preparation tips for the entire examination are that you should solve as many practice modules as you can. The more you practice the more acquainted you will get with the pressures and challenges of the actual examination.

10. Try to keep the preparation process interesting. IELTS is an English language test. So you can prepare for it even while watching television or reading books. If you can be enthusiastic about your test preparation then you will find the preparatory process becomes easier.

The afore-mentioned list provides some preparation tips based on which you can decide your techniques and strategies that will help you ace the examination. But, if you feel you cannot prepare for the examination on your own then you should enroll in a preparatory course. Thus, the means of preparation finally depends on your weaknesses, as well as, your requirements.

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