IELTS Preparation Tests

Importance of Practice Tests for IELTS Preparation

IELTS tests your ability to comprehend English language through four test sections. They are the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking test sections. You are evaluated through two testing modules; the Academic module and General Training module.

The Academic module assesses your ability to get admission to a college in an English speaking country for studying undergraduate and postgraduate courses. On the other hand, the General Training module evaluates your ability to take work trainings and also provide you with the channel to migrate to an English speaking country. Both modules assess your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. You can get scores ranging from 0 to 9.

If you want to get high scores in the test, you ought to take preparation tests that you may access by several means:

1) Test Prep Books

  • Official IELTS Practice Materials (with CD) Volume 1
    Official IELTS Practice Materials (with DVD) Volume 2

    • These are approved by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge ESOL.
    • With these books, you can practice sample questions that are very similar to the questions asked in the actual test.
    • The Volume 2 of this practice material contains a DVD that helps you in getting tips on the Speaking section.

    To get detailed information about the  preparation tests that this book holds, you may log on to the webpage

  • Cambridge IELTS 4 with Answers
  • The University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations has created this book. It contains several sample tests along with the answers to practice questions. To get details, you can consult the webpage

2) Test Prep Organizations

If you want to take sample tests, you can join one of the most famous test preparation organizations such as Kaplan. Kaplan offers you a chance to practice tests both online and in physical classrooms. To get details about its online classes and practice tests, you may glance through the webpage Moreover, to get details of Kaplan's Intensive and Supplementary preparation course options, you can consult the link

3) Free Online Access to Practice Tests

If you want to get access to free practice questions, you can take help of the official website; The practice tests are divided according to the Academic module and General Training module of the test.

Practice Tests for the Academic Module

For the Reading section, you have to read the given passage and based on the passage, you have to approach questions that follow.

The Writing section of the academic module comprises two writing tasks of 150 words and 250 words each.

To get access to the sample practice materials for the Reading and Writing section, you can visit the links and respectively.

Practice Tests for the General Training Module

In the Reading test section, you may have to encounter several questions based on the given passage. Besides, the sample practice questions for the Writing test section consists of the Writing task 1 and Writing task 2. If you want to take the tests that constitute the reading and writing questions, you can consult the links and respectively.

Listening and Speaking Tests

The questions for these sections are just like the ones for the academic and general training modules. To get access to the speaking and listening tasks for practice, you can open the links and

Importance of Practice Tests

You cannot think of preparing for the test without taking practice tests. They are significant because:

  • You cannot achieve high scores unless you take several practice tests.
  • If you practice more tests, your concepts on topics are clearer.
  • You build up your confidence in the test.
  • You are able to understand and apply the strategies gradually for approaching difficult questions, which you have learnt from your tutors.
  • These tests allow the test takers to learn the way they can manage the time restraints in the test.

The above discussion focuses on the importance of preparation tests and the sources through which you can take practice tests to score high in IELTS. You can also think of preparing for IELTS by taking the sample tests among your friends in a group. You can take practice tests followed by discussion among the group members to clear your doubts.