Preparation Courses for IELTS

How to Select IELTS Preparation Courses

A good preparation course for IELTS is one that prepares you to face any kind of question related to all the four areas of English: reading, writing, speaking and listening. It should help the candidate in shedding any kind of inhibitions or should remove any kind of doubts that the candidate has. It should provide the candidate not only with functional knowledge of English but also make them competent enough to use the language in their everyday life.

How to Select IELTS Preparation Courses

The market is flooded with different kinds of preparation courses, you name it and you have it. Before selecting the appropriate courses you need to thoroughly investigate about them. They act as a medium for securing your future in the form of training provided by the course. How bright your future is depends on how well they train you, so selection of the appropriate preparation courses is important.

  • The course selected must provide the necessary training required for getting a good band score. It should make you confident enough to present yourself in front of an audience. The training provided for the different skills should make you efficient in your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

  • If you are planning to join an institute, then the authenticity of the institute needs to be checked. The track record of the institute also counts for selecting the preparation courses provided by the institute.

  • The qualification of the instructors and the quality of the study materials and the training provided by the institute are also important factors for selecting the right courses.

  • If you are opting for an online course, then also the above mentioned factors need to be verified before selecting online courses. If you are opting for the services of a private tutor, then the track record of the tutor needs to be checked before selecting him.

Review of 3 IELTS Preparation Courses

  • English4today ( The institute claims to provide training for all the four levels of English. It provides a personal tutoring session for all its students, where special attention is given to the listening and speaking sections. The special features of the institute are the software that it provides, it includes:
    • Pronunciation software
    • VocabBuilder software
    • English4Today Desktop Edition
    • Course Navigator software.

  • IELTS4U ( The institute provides online training classes for the students preparing for the test. Practice exams are conducted for reading, writing and listening. The institute provides training for both Academic as well as General Training modules. The training sessions includes doubt clarification sessions provided by instructors which takes place through e-mail and chat sessions and also includes video lessons. The advantage of IELTS4U is that you can access the classes from anywhere at any time.

  • Kaplan International ( It provides two sets of preparation courses, IELTS Intensive and IELTS Supplementary. The courses are available at various places like Manchester, London, Sydney, Perth etc. The classes are designed such that they covers syllabus of General English, Verbal Skills, and they provide test-taking strategies through a structured study. The classes are available in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand etc.

  • Victoria School of English ( - It provides different types of courses: Focus, Focus Extra, Extra Intensive and Super-Intensive of IELTS. Even though all these courses cover the same syllabus, the style and duration of the classes are different. Selecting a course depends on your requirement. It is the best course available in England.

These courses can be short term and are also available as long term courses. Selection of courses depends on an individual's requirement. You should keep in mind that you need to select a course that suits your budget, requirement and convenience.