Preparation Books for IELTS

IELTS Preparation Books for Comprehensive Review

There are many books which can be used by students for a comprehensive understanding of the exam. Of the many preparation books which are available, let's try and explore a few of them to know our options better:

1. IELTS Tutor Book and CD by Lloyd Jacklin and Roslyn Jacklin

This is one of the brief yet effective prep books that is available for students who want to prepare for the test in a simplistic manner. The main features of the book are as follows:

  • The book makes use of simple language.

  • Contains a CD that can be used for an overall test preparation and also for people who are more comfortable studying on the computer.

  • It's one of the most unique prep books because this book can even help Non-English speakers study for the test through its visuals.

  • The CD lasts for around 40 minutes and provides tips and techniques to students.

  • Contains detailed explanations of all the types of questions that are asked in the exam.

  • This book can be used as a complete self- improvement guide for students who are preparing for the test on their own.

  • The book is also good for getting tips and techniques for the Reading section that can be useful in all sections of the test because all of them require candidates to read the English language.

  • This book provides the test-taker with score improvement techniques also.

2. Official IELTS Practice Materials with CD by the British Council

This book is one of the many preparation books by the British Council. The British Council is one of the key administrators of the IELTS worldwide, and this book contains updated information on the test. The key features of this book are as follows:

  • This book was updated by the British Council in 2009 to include sample tests along with the scoring process explanations of the various sections of the exam. The book is published by an official source so it has comments from examiners of the test and a brief on the criteria on which the answers are scored in the test.

  • The book provides students with the basic information about all aspects of the test. This book is great for students who want to start their preparation and are looking for the basics of the exam.

  • This is one of the few books that have real previous questions and can set a good base for the preparation of individuals.

  • The most important fact of this book is that, though the book is not very detailed, whatever information it contains can be followed blindly.

3. Step Up to IELTS with Answers by the Cambridge University Press

This is one of the books from the Cambridge University Press and is authored by Vanessa Jakeman and Clare McDowell. The key features of this book are as follows:

  • The most unique point of his book is that the sample tests are divided into sections and can be solved separately as separate tasks.

  • The book contains answers to all its questions and tips to answer the sample questions of the test.

  • The book has word lists and helps in vocabulary and grammar building also.

  • The sample practice papers are simplified so that the students can answer them first and set the base for answering the final test. If students start with more daunting papers first, then they might lose their confidence of taking the final test.

  • This is one of the very few preparation books that are suited not only to students but even teachers can use for reference.

  • The book covers both the Academic and General training modules of the test.

  • This book is a good book to practice for IELTS if the exam is getting close and you need quick yet effective tips.

4. Cambridge IELTS 4 Student's Book with Answers, from the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations

Coming from the source of the test itself, this is one of those preparation books that tell everything a candidate would want to know about the test. This book contains questions, their answers and the reasons to those answers all pertaining to the test. The following are a few key features of this book:

  • All the test sections of both the Academic and General Training modules are thoroughly explained in this book.

  • The scoring of every section and subsection is also explained.

  • Great practice test papers are available in this book along with their answers.

  • Authentic previous-years' test papers with explanations are also available in this book.

  • The book contains an audio CD as well and that can be used as an audio sample for the Listening section of the test.

  • The language used in this book is very simple and every effort has been made to make the passages as self-explanatory as possible so that this book serves as a self-study guide for students.

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