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Official Guides for IELTS Preparation

The IELTS is a standardised test which has proved itself to be the most efficient means of checking an individual's level of mastery in the English language. There exists a plethora of preparation materials in the market for those students who prefer self studying in order to prepare for the test. We will now discuss some of the books that are published for the preparation of IELTS.

Official IELTS Practice Materials:

These materials are developed by the test organisation itself and are authorised to be the only official preparation materials that exist in the market. This book is available in two volumes. Volume 1 is available with a CD Rom that contains Listening test samples and Volume 2 is the DVD set including recorded samples of the Speaking test. Both volumes give you a complete overview of the exam and familiarise you with the exam pattern. Apart from that, there are plenty of practice tests that will help in making you feel comfortable with the test. The mock tests in this book will probably be the most accurate in judging your level of preparation for the exam. The book costs $33 and can be purchased online ( or from your local test centre.

Cambridge IELTS Collection (1-8):

Cambridge University Press publishes their complete collection of preparation books for the test that are suitable for different students with varying levels of proficiency in the language. For example, Cambridge IELTS Student's Book 1 is that book in their collection that will suit a beginner who really does not have a lot of skill in the language. The books keep increasing in terms of level of difficulty as you keep going up till Book 8, in which Book 8 would be that the preparation book which would be most suited to a student who already feels at ease in the language. Each book contains four complete tests accompanied by detailed solutions. The books also have two extra tests for the General Training module. This collection of materials are developed and published by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and all books are priced between $15-25. The books also have versions that are accompanied by audio CD's containing samples for the listening test and these versions are priced between $45-55. All the books can be purchased online from or from your nearest bookstore.

IELTS TestBuilder:

The TestBuilder is a product of MacMillan English. The book follows the same format as the Cambridge IELTS Collection having four solved tests for the Academic module and two solved tests for the General Training module. The book has two parts - IELTS TestBuilder 1 and IELTS TestBuilder 2. The books are priced at $31.25 each and come with 2 audio CDs that contain samples of the Listening tests, tape scripts of which are given in the book. This will surely maximise your understanding and improve your Listening skills by a great extent.

101 Helpful Hints for IELTS:

Adams & Austin Press, or AAPress as they are commonly known, come out with a collection of books each of which serves as the ideal prep book. There many publications including 101 Helpful hints for the test, 202 Useful Exercises for IELTS and 404 Essential Tests for IELTS. All these books come in specialised formats for the Academic and General Training module. This makes them the only publishing house to publish separate books for the two modules. Choose the book which corresponds to the module of the test you are appearing for. The books come with 2 audio CDs that have Listening test samples and the books themselves have four complete tests with detailed solutions. Apart from that, an explanation of how the test is actually graded is given with remarkable accuracy. It also contains very useful tips and strategies for attempting the test successfully. The books are priced around $80 and are available online from and also from your nearest bookstores.

Choose that preparation book which seems more suited to your needs. Do not get confused by buying a lot of  books, but instead focus on preparing well from the one you have. There is only so much that buying a variety of books can offer you. The quality of preparation depends on how dedicated you are and how well you study the book you have chosen.

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