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3. IDP IELTS Exam Preparation Books

There are a number of IDP exam preparation books that are available in the market. A few of them are:

  •  The IELTS Tutor (Book and CD ROM) by Lloyd Jacklin, Roslyn Jacklin:

This preparation book is designed to guide that student who is unable to speak in English, but still wants to gain success in the test. The book provides the student with a number of tips and strategies in a visual order.

This book is basically a self-study book. The student using this book gets an opportunity to undertake 100 hours of exam preparation tuition. This exam  book gives the student a good amount of hints and tips in an audiovisual manner.

  • Cambridge Practice Test for IELTS 1, Self Study Student’s Book by Vanessa Jakeman, Clare McDowell:

This book of IELTS consists of four full-fledged practice tests related to the academic module and an additional reading and writing test for the General Training module. This  book introduces the student to the four modules of the test along with the detailed explanations of the various types of questions and the skills to approach these questions.

The preparation book contains in it the tape scripts and cassettes, which help the student with his listening tasks, which includes the format of the task as well as the various types of accents that are used.

  • Step by Step IELTS Personal Study Book with Answers by Vanessa Jakeman, Clare McDowell; Cambridge University Press:

This book is best suited for a student of intermediate level who wants to take up the exam's preparation but is short  time. The student using this  book is able to get good bands in his test. It consists of a complete sample test, which gives the student an opportunity to prepare well for the exam.

4. IELTS Preparation Online

Online preparation is different from the other forms of test preparation, as the student doesn't have to travel a long distance to attend the classes. He can sit at home and take up the exam's prep whenever he feels like. He is not bound by time constrains and can prepare at his own speed and according to his own caliber. All that a student needs to undertake online preparation is an Internet.

Generally the student undertakes the preparation online as it is considered to be a difficult exam. The online  mode allows the student to pick up the skills that are required to attempt the reading task. The student by taking up the  preparation online comes to know how to identify the writer’s viewpoint. The student comes to know how to read between the lines. In some of the reading questions, it is instructed that the student should not fill more than three words. If the student ends up writing more than three words, his answer will be considered wrong.

5. IDP IELTS Exam Preparation Classes

The exam's preparation classes are beneficial as the student gets an opportunity to interact with the instructor one on one. The instructors make the student aware of the particular format that is followed in the test. Mere writing or speaking is not enough; the student should know what the examiner expects him to write or speak. This is possible only if the student attends the preparation classes.

In order to understand and follow the detailed tricks and tips that are useful in the exam, the student should register for the exam preparation classes. In the speaking section, the student first of all introduces himself, and then he is asked questions on general issues. Next he is given a cue card on which he has to speak followed by follow up questions. The student is not told about all this in advance. Hence, the IDP exam's prep classes tell the student about the various sections into which the tasks are divided. Moreover, this is the best method to prepare for the speaking section as no other method of preparation can help the student prepare for the interview.

Thus the exam preparation helps the student to get familiar with the test format and allows the student to prepare for IELTS accordingly.

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