Preparation for the IELTS Test

The IELTS exam is made up of four modules i.e. listening, reading, writing and speaking. The four test modules carry equal weight age. Thus equal importance should be given to all the four modules. It is advisable that the student must undertake IDP IELTS preparation before appearing for the test. The preparation can be done through books, by attending classes, by making use of cassettes and CD ROMs etc.

1. IDP IELTS Preparation by Self Study

The student can undertake preparation on his own. The first thing that the student should do before undertaking the preparation is to identify his weak points and give maximum stress to those points and try to convert them into strong points.

The student who wants to prepare through self-study should build up a study plan so that he is able to complete the test preparation in time. What matters in the test's preparation is the quality of time and not the quantity of time. Hence, while undertaking preparation, the student should not think of extending his test prep time, as this will not help him prepare well for the test.

In order to undergo preparation, the student should practice the reading section and evaluate the scores himself. What matters in the reading section is time management. The student should try to solve the reading section within the given time limit of 60 minutes. For preparation for the writing test, the student should try to write essays on the topics that are mentioned in the preparation books.

The writing module is made up of two tasks. Writing task 1 is of 20 minutes, whereas the writing task two is of 40 minutes. The student undertaking  prep by himself should try to finish both the writing tasks by fifty minutes so that he gets at least 50 minutes to revise what all he has written. The student who has opted for  self-study for preparation can purchase some good books from the market or even attend short term preparation courses, which will help get a glimpse of what there is in the four modules.

2. IELTS Preparation Software

IDP test preparation software contain test questions, reviews, guidance tutorials and some important features that are needed to make the essay impressive. This software provides the student with a lot of practice tests and timely feedback where and when required.

The software analyzes every part of the test and design the tips and tactics accordingly. A number of mock tests are also given in these preparation software. The questions that are given in these software are all authentic and the score ranges are given at the end of each test section. Thus, the preparation software help to enhance the student’s reading, writing, speaking and listening skills by providing proper tips, instructions, strategies and practice.

The student using such software comes to know how to identify and make use of important points in order to gain good scores.

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