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Types of IELTS Preparation Courses

There are various types of preparation courses available in terms of course duration. There are regular as well as crash courses available.

  • Regular IELTS preparation course - Such a course is designed to address all the aspects of the exam. Here you will learn the exam pattern in detail. An experienced faculty will teach you about all possible types of questions that are asked in the exam. All the sections of the test are covered thoroughly. Some of the regular courses also provide you with the adequate study materials and sample question papers to solve. Some of these courses may ask you to pay extra for these study materials. The duration of such a course can be anywhere from three weeks to three months. The course fee varies from place to place and as per the duration of the course. The exact fee structure can be found out from the related web site.
  • Some of the preferred prep courses are the ones conducted by the British Council. These courses demand you to take a self diagnostic test first. Here you are tested for your present level of English proficiency. Depending on your scores in this exam you are suggested a particular  course. This is indeed a good way of starting your preparation. Such diagnostic tests are offered for some nominal fees. The next step is to opt for the course suggested for you and pay the fees. One can make the payment by a credit card or a demand draft. The regular  course starts with the introduction to the test paper format. Here you are made familiar with all possible questions that can be asked in the exam. Once you are familiar with the test pattern, the lessons on individual sections of the exam start. The classes are made interactive by making use of audio-visuals. As you go on learning about the different concepts of the exam you are given practice on each of them. Once you are taught about complete subject materials, the test taking practice starts. Here you are taught all the tricks of taking a competitive exam like IELTS.

  • Crash Course - These are the short courses designed for those candidates who do not wish to take a lengthy course or who do not have enough time for preparation. These are conducted in the form of one or two days long workshops. Here you are given the introduction to the various concepts of the English language. The main focus of any crash course is on making you understand the pattern of the test. It teaches you about the duration of each of the sections of the exam. Along with this you are introduced with the techniques of attempting each of the question types. The main focus is given in one of the previous sentences of such a course is on how to take the test in the given time frame. It also teaches you as to how to avoid common mistakes and how to prepare yourself for the exam. It also teaches you how to study from the study guides.
  • Sources of IELTS Prep Courses

    The types of  prep courses mentioned above are available online as well as at coaching institutes. The test centers are spread in approximately 120 countries around the world. Therefore, the coaching institutes offering preparation courses are also available in almost all parts of the world. You may find about them online. Selecting a good coaching institute is as important as the  course itself. A good quality coaching institute provides well experienced faculty and adequate learning methods. One should take the feedback about various aspects of the coaching institute before joining it. For a regular course your class strength should not be too high as you may not get personal attention of the faculty. Also crowded classrooms can not provide you an environment conducive for group study.


    A course is one of the best ways to prepare for the test. It offers you a lot of benefits like an experienced faculty, study planning, test taking techniques etc. Payments in terms of fees towards a good preparation course can make you earn high scores at IELTS and thus it can turn out to be a wise investment.

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