Importance Of Enrolling In An IELTS Course


Good skills at English is required if one wishes to join universities in English speaking countries or take up a job in these countries. These skills are tested by an exam called IELTS. This is a standardized test recognized in all English speaking countries. It is a well known and an internationally accepted test for measuring candidates’ skills at English. This includes tests of reading, writing, listening and speaking. It is conducted on 48 days every year in 120 countries. Getting a good score in this test is possible with a proper course. A preparatory course will help you to familiarize with the structure of the test. These courses are specially designed to teach you test taking techniques. However, you need to consider a lot of things while selecting a course. This article will assist you in selecting the right kind of a preparatory course.

Do you really need an IELTS prep course?

Most of you would question the need of any course for IELTS. It is always good to be very sure before taking any kind of a course. Unless you are fully convinced about the requirement of  a training session for yourself, you cannot do justice to it. Here are some of the compelling reasons for you to join such a course:

  • IELTS is taken by over seven hundred thousand candidates around the world every year. This itself shows the importance of this test. If you wish to compete with such a huge crowd and aim to score high then you need a preparatory course.
  • This test is carefully designed to judge your level of English. So only the working knowledge of English will not suffice. You need some expert who can bring out the limitations of your English skills and can guide you to overcome them.
  • A carefully designed course is a must for preparing for IELTS.
  • This is a standardized test and one needs a standardized approach to attempt such a test. A fully-fledged training session is the best way to learn how to prepare and appear for IELTS.
  • A good training course teaches you the test taking techniques which include some time saving tricks. Such techniques are especially useful for time bound exams like IELTS.
  • Detailed preparation takes a minimum of three months. The course is designed to make you understand every concept of the test as well as to make you practice solving the sample test papers.
  • Group study under the guidance of an experienced faculty is always better than self study.

Myths About an IELTS Prep Course

A training session is not an English language course. It is a course where you learn how to attempt IELTS in the best possible way and to score high. So, it expects you to posses a certain level of English proficiency. If your level of English is poor then a course is not going to help you much. Even if you join such a course, you may not be able to cope up with it and it will be a total waste of your time and money.

You are therefore suggested to check your level of English first. You can take a self diagnostic English test available in study guides or online. Various web sites offer these tests for free. These are short tests and provide you valuable suggestions about your weak and strong areas. Once you have taken such a test you will be in a better position to decide about a preparatory course. Do not get nervous or disheartened if you find that your level of English is not up to the mark. You can always take up a course or join an institute to learn English. Once you have achieved a reasonable standard in English, you are ready for a preparatory course of IELTS.

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