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Idp IELTS Prep Techniques

Let us now see the steps you must follow for preparation of IDP IELTS. The first and foremost thing you should know is the pattern of the exam and which module is applicable to you. Then you should decide on a test date. It is conducted at hundreds of test centers all around the world on 48 days of the year. You must decide on a choice of your test center and the required test date. The list of test centers can be found from the official web site ( The next thing you should do is to contact the test center of your choice and complete the registration formalities in time.

Once you have completed these activities you must plan your timetable for test preparation. As mentioned above this test involves four sections and you need to study for them individually. Understand the exact pattern of the questions asked in each of these sections. You may also take a sample test to judge your level of proficiency in English. This will give you the correct measure of your relative skills in all four sections of the exam. This way you can plan your timetable by allotting more time to practice that section in which you are weak.

The reading section is different for different modules of the test. It is basically about sentence completion or stating whether the given statement is true or false.  When you prepare for the test you should practice reading passages written by eminent authors or editorials from a variety of sources. You must understand the flow of the passage and how the author has put forward his ideas. One should not jump to the questions immediately but read the passage first deliberately. While answering you must judge the question statement in the context of the paragraph given.

The writing section is different for different modules of the test. In Academic module you need to write two essays of 150 words and 250 words respectively. In General Training module you may be asked to write a letter of 150 words and in the second question you may be asked to develop the given idea in 250 words. Since this is a test of your writing you must make use of the correct grammar. When you are gearing up for the examination, you must focus at learning techniques about how to prepare the structure of any essay quickly. You must practice extracting the key words or phrases from the given information. Your aim should be to practice writing a complete essay in the given time.

The listening section is slightly unusual as you need to listen to the tape and answer simultaneously. While preparing, you must practice listening to the sample tapes and try to get adjusted to the various accents of English. This test is critical as the tape is played only once during the actual exam. So during your preparation you must be careful regarding the preparation of this section.

The last section of the test is of speaking. This is nothing but your personal interview by an expert. The interview is generally divided into three parts. First is your introduction and then you are asked to speak about your views on a particular topic. Lastly, you have to discuss your views with the examiner. This is actually a test of your skills at spoken English as well as your skills at organizing your thoughts. When you are equipping yourself for the test, you need not aim at achieving very high level of fluency in spoken English. But you must learn to speak English which is grammatically correct.


IELTS is aimed at checking your skills in English. A good preparation will not only prepare you thoroughly for the examination but also make you rich in English language proficiency

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