Importance Of Solving IELTS Sample Question Papers

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How to take an IDP IELTS Practice Test?

To benefit completely from an IDP IELTS practice test you must take it in the correct manner. When you start your preparation, you may take a practice test to check out your level of skills. This will guide you to focus on every section of the test accordingly. One should study for the subject matter for about two to three weeks before taking a time bound practice test.

Every section is equally important. Therefore, you may like to practice for individual sections separately. You can do this until you are comfortable with each of the sections. Once you are familiar with all the sections of the test you can start practicing from complete practice tests. You must time yourself as per the actual exam timings.

One should follow the rules of the exam during practice also. This means that you should not move between two sections. A sample test should not include any breaks between two writing sections. You should take the sample examination at approximately the same time in the morning when the actual test is conducted. You should try to take some of your practice tests in a classroom or a library where you are a part of a crowd. This will give you a feel of the actual exam and make you practice how to concentrate.

With a mock test you can learn time saving techniques. It teaches you how to look for the key words or phrases that lead to the answers. You must practice attempting all the questions in the given time frame because IELTS does not have a negative marking scheme.

One should take every possible practice test. At the same time, you should not practice until the last minute of your preparation. Just be relaxed on the day prior to your actual test and take enough sleep that night. This will keep you fresh on the day of exam.


An IDP IELTS practice test is a means to evaluate your level of preparation. Such sample tests are available in various formats and at various places. Thousands of candidates take IELTS every year. To compete with such a huge crowd you must have an edge over others. A practice test gives you this opportunity to seal all the gaps in your preparation. So, one must take as many mock tests as possible.

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