IELTS Practice Questions

When to Use IELTS Practice Questions in the Course of Your Preparation

The International English Language Testing System is an exam that will test your proficiency in English. In order to prepare for the IELTS, you need to basically do three things: Get the fundamentals of English clear in your mind, that is, vocabulary and grammar; practice different aspects of the test in order to improve your speed, and attempt plenty of mock tests so that you become familiar with the format of the IELTS. This article will tell you when to use practice questions during the course of your preparation and how to use them effectively.

When Should You Use IELTS Practice Questions?

You should use practice papers at three stages of your preparation:

1. At the Very Beginning:

Attempt a few questions right at the start of your preparation. This will give you a 'feel' for the test. It will also tell you about your strong and weak points are. Then when you begin your actual preparation, you can concentrate on your weak points.

2. During the Course of Your Preparation:

You should attempt a few practice questions as soon as you finish preparing a particular part of the test. In this way you can monitor your own progress. Also, if you are not performing to the desired level, you can correct your mistakes early.

3. At the End of Your Preparation:

When you feel you have completed your overall preparation, you need to take mock tests, in order to assess your readiness for the examination, and also to keep in touch with what you have learnt until you take the test. In fact, at this stage it is better to do only practice questions and mock tests instead of attempting to earn new material. While attempting the mock tests, you should simulate the real test conditions, such as keeping the time in order to derive the full benefit of practice tests.

Where Can You Get IELTS Practice Questions?

Practice questions are available online. Some websites offer mock tests and questions and have features to calculate your score as well.


At, not only questions similar to that of the actual test are given, but calculators are available to enable you to know instantly what your score is. The feature of automatic calculation of your score is available for Listening and Reading tests. For the Speaking and Writing tests, it is not possible to calculate your score instantly; however, the website gives explicit information on how these answers will be assessed in the actual IELTS. The link you can use is


At this site, you can access a number of online tests and practice questions. The answers are also provided to enable you to assess your performance. The link is

A few links are provided below. You can use them to gain access to a wider range of questions:

You can also use books that contain  practice questions and mock tests. You can purchase them online at this link:

IELTS Practice Tests with Answer Key: This book is part of a series known as the Thomson Exam Essentials. It contains six mock tests for the IELTS.

Practice tests are not the only way to prepare for the test but they are definitely one of the best ways to do so, provided you use them well and at the right times. As you approach your exam date, the best thing to do is to practice the questions of the types that you are likely to see in the test.