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IELTS Practice Materials for the Speaking Test

IELTS tests your English language proficiency. This paper consists of four areas of English, in which you are tested. They include the Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking. The above-mentioned test areas consist of different types of questions in order to test your ability in all the key areas of the English language. To exercise your English language abilities well, you need to practice very rigorously. If you are or have resided in a native English language speaking country, it might become a bit easier for you to tackle this test but if you are not, then you are required to practice all the aspects of the test with dedication and commitment. Many practice materials are available currently but you are required to select the ones that best suit your preparation style. However, to become proficient in a language, there are many different ways of learning other than just simple practice. You can read different articles, use the dictionary in a more effective way, learn by speaking with your friends and much more. The following article presents you with some good sources of materials.

The Speaking Test

The Speaking test part extends typically for about 11-14 minutes. As the name suggests, the Speaking test area focuses on testing your ability to speak in the English language. In this part of the test, you will be attending an interview. There are three parts in this oral test interview:

  • The first part of the test is a formal introduction, in which you must present yourself and the examiner will ask you some questions related to your family, work, your interests etc.

  • The second part of the test is speech on a given task. In this part, the interviewer presents you with a task and provides you a minute in order to prepare. You will have to speak on the topic for a minute or two and then the examiner will pose questions based upon your presentation.

  • In the third part of the test, you will be required to answer the questions that the examiner poses about the presentation that you make in the second part.

Which IELTS Practice Materials Should be Preferred?

For any section of the test in IELTS, you require a good grip upon the various aspects of the English language. Since in English, every topic is intertwined to one another, you must be proficient in every aspect. So, in order to improve your competence in English in the exam point of view, you must first cultivate the art of reading with patience. The more you read, the more you will learn the nuances of English language usage. The online resources will be more helpful for you to test your learning. Following are links to some good practice materials for the Speaking test.

Also, the Speaking test of the IELTS requires you to express your ideas abstract and prompt based upon the given topic. Since you go extempore with the interviewer, you will be required to develop and present ideas in a convincing manner. So, follow the given links to find tips that will help you tackle the Speaking test section in a better way.

Links to Free IELTS Materials

You get many preparatory resources for the examination but it is advised that you refer materials over the Internet the most, because these are updated regularly. Also, there are large numbers of websites that provide you with free mock t. sestThe following mentioned are links to free preparation websites:

You must also consider referring to the official support provided at the official website of the IELTS. Refer to the following official link: