Importance Of Practice Exercises With Regard To IELTS Preparation

IELTS Practice Exercises for Comprehensive Review

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The practice exercises are integral and inherent elements in your IELTS preparation. These exercises enhance your knowledge and conception of the four sections (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking). This ensure that your understanding of the question pattern and test format. This test contains essay writing, passage comprehension, dialog recognition and coherent speaking measures. With sufficient practice alone can you can ace all the aforesaid sections of the test and achieve a high band score. A high band score increases your chances of getting through educational institutes or getting a job under a reputable organization.

For all your preparation purposes, you need the right and superior quality exercises in order to score well. You must be aware about the practice exercises you can trust and about several sources from where you can get these exercises. However, before moving on to the source of training exercises, let us read about the benefits you get from the practice drills.

How Do the Practice Exercises Benefit You?

There are certain benefits and perks that you get from solving mocks test, which will help you sail through the examination. The test contains four sections that measure your proficiency in the English language. Practice exercises of each of the four sections help you to improve your skills in these areas.

  • For the Reading section, you can get passages, excerpts and extracts from a variety of sources to work on. This enables you to develop your reading skills. You can become a fast and quick reader which positively benefits you in the test.

  • In the Writing section, the test taker needs to complete two essay writing tasks. Practice papers include essay-writing topics from previous years and tests that increase your database of issues and information which you may use during your actual test. It directly increases your knowledge base, improves your writing skills and intensifies your eagerness to complete the essay topics.

  • The practice sessions also include measures to develop your Listening and Speaking ability. You can play sample audio files or recordings relating to a dialogue or monologue, hear them and then summarize your viewpoint. Also, for the Speaking measure you can use online tools and record your own speech about a certain topic, and replay it to know about your own faults and weaknesses.

Links and Comprehensive Review of Several IELTS Practice Materials

Now that you are clear about the importance and need for practice, you need to read about some of the best sources for IELTS materials:

1) IELTS World Wide: Funds and financial barriers has always been a pivotal issue while searching for free practice tests. In order to cease your rampant search for free resources, IELTS World Wide brings you complete set of such resources. You can avail ten full practice resources for grammar in IELTS World Wide. Click at to visit their website.

2) IELTS Pass BlogSpot: Finally, the IELTS Pass BlogSpot also brings you questions similar to that of the real examination that consequently, enable and facilitate your preparation. In this blog, you mostly get freeware and PDF files of IELTS  resources to download. You also get free official test papers from previous years. Go to to know more.

Hence in the above article you get to learn much about the importance and need of exercises before you set forth to take IELTS. Always remember that these exercises help you to cope with most of the question types you will come across in the examination. Practicing also lets you have an insight into time management so that you can complete the paper comfortably.