Utilizing IELTS Study Guides

Top 5 Books for Practice of What You Have Learnt

If you have been preparing for the IELTS but you are not happy with your scores in the mock tests, then you are not alone. The average score in this test is 6 or slightly below. Unfortunately, most educational institutions want a score of 6.5 or above. So if you need a higher score, you will have to find a way to improve your performance. One really effective way is to use a book. A good book will iron out the difficulties you have been facing and will provide sufficient practice material to help you achieve your target score. Following is a review of the top 5 books for practice of IELTS:

1. IELTS Testbuilder 1: You can use this book to practice what you have learnt as it contains almost all the types of questions that you can expect in the IELTS. This book is directed at the Academic module as it contains questions that usually come in the Academic Reading and Writing tests. For the Listening test, you will get audio CDs along with the book. It also contains four practice tests. This book also features explanations of the answers that are given against the questions. The price is £18.40.

2. IELTS Practice Tests with Answer Key: This is another good book you can read to improve your score. It has six practice tests. In addition to this, it also features questions that you should be familiar with if you plan to attempt the IELTS. It can clarify your doubts regarding the best approach to each question type. The price is £18.20.

3. IELTS Practice Tests (OUP) with Answer Key and Free Audio CD: Oxford University Press offers this book to those who are preparing for the IELTS. It features four practice tests. The questions are accompanied by explanations so that you can correct any mistakes you may have been making while attempting the IELTS questions. This book can also help you to learn how to concentrate your attention and time on the important aspects of the IELTS, and leave aside inefficient methods and strategies. This book costs £21.00.

4. General Training Practice Tests: This book contains practice tests for all four tests of the IELTS. This book is used both by teachers and students. The audio CDs that accompany this book include different accents to help you familiarize yourself with what you can expect in the Listening test. It also contains some useful tips that can improve your score. It costs £26.30. The link you can use to purchase the above four books is http://www.eflbooks.co.uk/book_series.php?series=IELTS&code=exie&area=Practice+Tests#aIELTSTestbuilder.

5. Target Band 7: This book contains an arsenal of special features such as tips on how to impress the examiner and how to complete the sections in the shortest possible time. It breaks down the strategies needed to tackle the IELTS sections and teaches you how to improve your speed without compromising on the quality of your answers. It takes care of each section one by one, and has a large collection of typical questions. It tells about the usual errors committed by students, and how to avoid them. It also tells you what reaction you can expect from the examiner to certain types of answers, and thus how you can improve your score by answering the questions in just the right way. This is an e-book. It costs $34.97. You can purchase it at the following link: http://www.ielts-blog.com/IELTS-Target-Band-7-Offer-Page.html.

In order to perform well in the ILETS, you should, first of all, build a foundation of preparation and get your basics right for each section. Then you need to practice a lot, not just by doing mock tests, but in other ways too. Don't spend all your time learning new things. Practicing what you have learnt will help improve your speed. This is best achieved by reading a good book during the latter part of your preparation.