IDP IELTS Practice

IELTS Practice Continued.......

How to do IDP IELTS Practice?

Now let us see how to do IDP IELTS practice.

  • Self-Diagnostic Test - Standardized tests like IELTS require a standard approach of test taking. You must first find out your level of English to start off. For this you should take a self-diagnostic test. You can find such tests in various study guides or online free of cost. You need not time yourself while taking such a test. Your performance at this test is your take off level for this preparation. This also shows you your relative strengths in all four sections of the test. Such tests are indeed eye openers.

  • Study Concepts - Once you have known your take off levels you can start studying the detailed syllabus. You can opt for any course or self-study. Here you learn the concepts and all the types of questions that are asked in the test. Practice of the reading section should make you read and understand lengthy passages. The writing section involves practice of essay writing for the Academic module and letter writing for the General Training module. The listening section requires a special attention as it involves English conversations based on accents from all parts of the world. One needs a deliberate listening and understanding of various accents. The speaking section involves an interview, which is divided into three main parts. The first part is of general nature about you and your surroundings. The second and the third part involve you to express your views on the given topic and discuss it with the examiner. This pattern is fixed. Therefore one should do his practice of self-introduction and structuring his thoughts for discussing any topic. This should take about a couple of months.

  • Solve Practice Questions - As you go on studying the individual concepts you should also solve the sample questions based on it. Every chapter in your study guide should finish with an adequate IDP IELTS practice of solving the questions based on it.

  • Sample Tests - Once you have studied all the concepts for the exam reasonably well and followed a practice of solving the sample questions you are ready for taking a complete test. You can now start your practice of solving the sample test papers. You must take this test in real time constraints exactly as per the actual exam. This prepares your mind set for taking all the sections together.

  • Learn the Techniques - The practice should be aimed at learning the test taking techniques. You should learn how to focus on key words or phrases from the given information to arrive at the right answer. Speed is a critical factor in IELTS. Therefore one must focus in learning the time saving techniques. You can make the summary of concepts on every section so that you can revise it as your test date comes near.

  • Group Study - Practice if done in a group offers you additional benefits. You can learn much faster if you do group study. One can also learn from others mistakes. It keeps you motivated in your studies. Overall group study is one of the best methods to do your IDP IELTS practice.

Benefits of IDP IELTS practice

Let us summarize the benefits of IDP IELTS practice as follows:

  • Understand the exam pattern.

  • Know all the possible question types.

  • Get the feel of the actual exam.

  • Keep track of your progress in IELTS study.

  • Isolate and concentrate on your weak points.

  • Boost your confidence.

  • Handle any kind of question or situation in the exam.


IELTS is an internationally proven and trusted exam for checking English skills. Proper practice is the only way to achieve success at this exam. This helps you understand the pattern of the test and the possible questions that can be asked. This practice is a measure of your level of preparation.

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