Characteristics Of Some IELTS Online Training Courses

Features of Online Training for IELTS

Studying for IELTS Online

The IELTS is a standard and popular test of your skills in the English language and your proficiency in executing your skills while replying to certain questions. Preparing for the examination is a tough job as you need to have the proper preparation resources and training materials for the best preparation. Moreover, your busy schedule and demanding life might not allow time to attend preparatory courses. In such cases, enrolling in a online training session is one of the solutions. From online training you get to access a huge amount of study resources and data from your personal computer. You just have to log in to your computer and get practice tests, practice resources and live streaming of sessions with tutors right at your desktop. Another advantage of this training is its nominal course fee. Hence, for a busy working professional or a visual learner, online preparation resources are one of the best options.

Aspects of IELTS Online Training

Online training for the examination includes certain features and specifications that are ideal for those computer-savvy test takers. Of course you need a standard computer with proper configuration to start online  preparation. This online training may either be based on online preparatory courses or online study materials. If you are choosing to enroll in such courses then the training will include video tutoring, practice papers for Reading, Learning, Speaking and Hearing (which are the four sections of IELTS), on-demand online class at any time and place you wish and mostly a money-back guarantee in case of insignificant improvement.

If you wish to accumulate online resources then you need to make a thorough search. Online resources include practice papers, sample essays, options to record your own speech and develop your speaking power, sample test papers and solutions to previous years' tests. Those who are looking for free resources then such course are highly recommended as they gives you information about the test from several sources and sites. Moreover, you can look for blogs and discussion panels for IELTS, which are available on the internet.Start from below to read about some of the online courses and useful links to study resources.

Some Online Prep Courses for IELTS

Generally, whatever company you choose for to enroll in, you will be asked to make an online account with the same company for easy access. Hence, to enroll in online training sessions you must have a proper mail ID ready. Following are some of the noteworthy online courses for IELTS:

  • IELTS4u: depending on your study needs and requirements, you can either go for one, two or three month subscription in this institute. This institute has a record of 89% of its members getting a band score of 7 in IELTS. There are many reliable features of this online preparatory course and you can find them at

  • another online center for you is the, which brings you a whole new world of tutors, resources, practice tests and constant guidance throughout your  preparation. This three-month long preparation comes at a very reasonable price. Visit its home page at

  • Kaplan Live Online Courses: this is one of the premier online IELTS with real-time instructors, expert advice and recommendation by tutors over mails and online forums, in-depth analysis of the IELTS syllabus and optimum technological support for best performance. You can enroll and experience the Kaplan world at

Links to Online IELTS Resources for Preparation

The above-mentioned courses allow you to enjoy their facility only if you enroll in them. However, there are alternative options for online training that is to get free study resources for IELTS. Following are few of the places of free online study resources:

These resources will help you understand the several sections of the test and the question pattern you will face. You can note down the process and logics used to answer the questions in the sample solved test papers. Or else, if you are willing to shell out money, you can get an admission in the online courses and enjoy seasoned tutoring service. This online training is gradually gathering popularity among the test takers as it is generating a considerable size of high IELTS scorers.