Model Papers for IELTS

How to Use IELTS Model Papers for Practice?

IELTS model papers are the replica of the real IELTS. These model test papers give you an idea of how the real test will be. These model papers acquaint you with the pattern and types of questions asked in the real test and they also give you an idea about how much time you need to devote for each section. If these model papers are practiced with seriousness, you can surely get a good band score in the test.

How to Use IELTS Model Papers for Practice?

Model papers for IELTS are available for the different modules and also for the different sections of the test. They are available as part of prep courses, prep books and are also provided by certain IELTS preparation websites. Some websites offer sample papers for a fee, others provide them for free.

Once you are thorough with the concepts being tested in the IELTS, you can start your practice using sample papers of the test. Buy or attempt model papers that are accompanied by answers. This will help in assessing your performance in a particular practice test.

Practice sample papers of the test act as a medium for checking your preparation level. The scores obtained in the practice test can be used to keep track of your learning. They give you an idea about the section which needs more concentration. You also come to know if your scores are improving after taking different model test papers or not and if not, then you need to check your learning.

These model test papers should be practiced in an environment similar to the exam-hall, at the same time as that of your real test. This helps in tuning your body for the long examination hours. No breaks are allowed between the first three sections of the test, i.e. Listening, Reading and Writing sections, so you have to sit continuously for about 1 hour and 40 minutes. The Speaking test may or may not be conducted on the same day.

When practicing with these papers, it exposes you to different varieties and patterns of test questions. It makes you aware of the common mistakes that you make and strategies you need to build up for avoiding those mistakes.

You need to begin your  preparation early by solving sample papers. It gives you an idea whether you are ready for taking the real test or not. If you are not confident with your preparation, you can postpone your registration for the test, thus saving money, that would have been spend for registration.

Advantages of Attempting Number of IELTS Model Papers

  • Exposes you to different words, thus increasing your vocabulary, which is necessary for all the sections of the test
  • Provides knowledge about proper usage of grammar
  • Increases your listening skills, thus giving you an idea about how to listen carefully to a particular dialogue and get the answer
  • It exposes you to the different accents of English, thus making you comfortable on the test day, especially for the listening section
  • Increases your reading skills, helps in building up strategies for finding answers after reading a given passage
  • It provides certain time saving tips that can be applied to different test sections
  • It helps in creating certain tips that are exclusively designed by you, like the use of mnemonics and symbols in representing information, especially for the listening test section.

Different websites offer online model papers, which can be used for practicing IELTS.

Links to Some IELTS Model Papers

Solving sample papers of IELTS gives you the confidence to attempt the real test. Don't attempt too many papers at a stretch, as this may result in boredom. Attempt 2-3 model papers under a time limit as a single practice schedule. Check your progress and work on your weaknesses. Study a little more for improving your knowledge, then practice the next set of samples. This schedule will surely help in getting a good band score in the test.