Materials for IELTS

IELTS Preparation Materials for the Listening Test

IELTS provides you with a chance to get admission to the prestigious colleges across the English speaking countries. You are assessed by the Academic module and General training module of IELTS.

The Academic test involves taking test in all the four test sections i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking sections. Besides, the General Training test also involves testing in the same four test sections. Assessment of students for both the types varies for the Reading and Writing sections, whereas, the assessment of the listening and speaking skills are same for both types of tests.

The Listening section of the test includes listening to the test recordings and based on the monologues and conversations in those recordings, you have to approach the various types of questions that follow them. The following descriptions include the links along with the question types that will help you in downloading the test materials for preparing for the listening test. The Cambridge ESOL creates these materials and you can download them free of cost.

  • Multiple-choice questions: Questions are based on the topic that you have listened. Each question is followed by three answer choices from which you have to choose the correct answer. You may also be asked to complete a sentence by choosing one option. Moreover, there might be a question with many answer choices. You have to choose more than one correct answer. You can reach sample questions along with their answers by visiting the link You can also practice sample questions that are created by the Cambridge ESOL by logging on to the webpage

  • Matching questions: The examinees are asked to match a list of items obtained from the recorded monologues and conversations with the options given in the question paper. If you want to get access to the free  materials for preparation for these types of questions of the listening test, you can register yourself with the Cambridge ESOL free by logging on to the webpage You can download sample questions that are created by Cambridge ESOL along with answers to those questions for practice. In addition, you may browse the link to get test aids for practicing matching questions.

  • Plan, map, pictures or diagram labeling: Under this type of question, a visual will be given in the form of a map, picture, diagram or a plan. You have to label the visual based on the recordings that you have just listened. You have to choose an option from among the answer options that are given on the answer sheet. If you want to get access to the materials to practice these types of questions, you can open the link

  • Form, note, table, flowchart and summary completion: These types of questions include filling up the blanks in the listening text. You may be asked to complete a form by filling up the blanks with a factual data or summarize information or complete the given table. Moreover, you will have to complete a flowchart based on your listening or you may need to write a note that will include important parts of the listening task and how they are related to one another. To get aids for practice, you may open the link

  • Sentence completion: This type of question involves the task of completing incomplete sentences from the listening text. You have to fill in the blanks with the stated word limits. If you want to get access to the samples for these types of questions, you can open the link

The above discussion imparts information about the IELTS aids for preparing for the listening part of the test. The given links will provide you with several sample questions that will surely help you in grasping concepts related to the various types of questions that are asked in the listening section of the test. These links are useful to you owing to the fact that they provide you with good questions that are planned with the help of teachers from across the world and are available to you free of cost.