Material for IELTS

IELTS Preparation Materials That You Can Access Online

In today's cyber world everything is available on the World Wide Web. This is true for materials for IELTS as well. The material available for IELTS preparation can be broadly classified into study materials and test practices. Study materials are those materials which are used for the preparation for the test. The test practice materials help you to take up online mock tests. Both of these are important. But in the case of IELTS, the two materials overlap. First you can use the study material (for individual sections) to prepare and later use the practice tests (all sections together) to know where you stand and how much more preparation is required.

Practice for the test is very important. All the tests have to be timed. The practice tests have to be taken up in conditions that will be similar to the one you will be facing when you take up the real test. Concentration is the key to a good test score.

There are different options available for preparing for IELTS. The options are self-study, live courses and online courses. Many students prefer the self-study option. The online material of IELTS is a boon for those who plan to do self-study.

Free Online IELTS Materials

  • IELTS Worldwide -
  • This site has free test materials for the different sections. They give more links to free online English classes. They have grammar exercises also, which will help you improve your English and do well in all the sections of the test.

  • Study -
  • This site has collected the best test material and has published it. It has links to reading, listening and writing passages. The passages are classified based on the difficulty level.

  • IELTS for free -
  • This IELTS site is entirely free. They offer materials for all the four sections, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking sections, of the test. The site also contains information about the test itself.

  • Learn IELTS -
  • This website offers updated information and sources for preparation. The materials include tutorials, practice tests, Cambridge books and the Oxford IELTS book. You can download the Oxford book, Cambridge books and practice tests.

  • ExamEnglish -
  • This site has information on the test and resources for each of the sections. Practice tests are also available.

  • IELTS Section AIPPG -
  • This website gives all the information about the test and the different strategies and tips to be followed while taking up the test. Along with these a lot of  material is available for free. It gives details on what is generally asked in the Speaking Section and a list of topics for the writing section and passages for the Reading Section.

  • IELTS Blog -
  • Here materials for the preparation are available section wise. Apart from this you can register here and receive exam tips and questions from the blog for free. On the right side bar in this website there are links to other web pages which offer free sources. Sample essays with the possible score for the essay and the mistakes highlighted are published here. This will help us analyze our essay and correct our mistakes and avoid them in the real test.

  • -
  • Sample articles and material for each section is available in this site. Tutorials for each of the section are also available.

  • IPassIELTS -
  • This site gives free tests for the Listening section of the test.

These are the good sites that offer free material and practice tests for IELTS. These are immensely helpful for those taking up the test.