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It is very difficult to find anything for free these days. In the case of IELTS prep, it is just as simple. There is a lot of free test material on various websites that you can have easy access to. You can find specific as well as general material on the websites. This means, you can find information on the different sections of the test separately or you can find sample papers which have the four modules together.

Some Links to Help You Prepare For IELTS

  • IELTS: This is the official website of IELTS which is very useful and should be your first choice when it comes to preparation. The official website of the test answers most of the important questions with regards to taking the test. It is a carefully updated site, so there is no fear of repeated or obsolete information. Let us take a look at the free test material available on this site:

  • The website contains information pertaining to the basic information on the test. It is useful for someone who has no idea of what the test is all about. Right from the test format, to the difference between Academic and General Training, this website has it all. It informs the reader about the basics of scoring as well as necessity of special arrangements made for people with disabilities. It is a one-point stop for any information on the test.

  • There is ample information about 'who accepts the IELTS' that lays a lot of stress on the importance of the test. It is important to know this since students who want to apply to foreign countries or even domestic colleges must know the scope of this test.

  • Most importantly the official website offers free test material for testing and practicing. There is a list of free material on all the four sections of the test. There is also a detailed analysis on how one should prepare for the test. This section introduces a document, which contains all information about the sections, question types and scoring information. This section introduces the official preparatory material that is required to prepare for the test. This material is supposed to be reliable because it is the official test prep material recommended by IELTS itself. Apart from this they have a section for sample questions online and an option to look for local  preparation centers in any given area. You can avail all these facilities for free.
    Here are the links:

  • There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on the site that contains all the questions that can possibly cross a test-taker's mind. Going through the entire FAQ is very important since it has been made keeping the test-taker's viewpoint in mind. You can also contact the administrators in case you need to settle any doubts or clarifications with regards to the test.
    Finally, this official website is also connected to social networking sites and can be accessed from there. For more information and access, here is the direct link to the official website of the test:

  • Apart from the official website, there are certain other websites that offer free aids, they are listed below:

The above websites are a combination of free online materials and courses available for the test. They will also help you improve your basic English and subsequently help you get better scores in the test.