Samples of IELTS Listening

Where Can You Find IELTS Listening Samples

IELTS is primarily an English Language test. The Listening section of the test is designed to test your proficiency in understanding and analyzing speeches, conversations and instructions given in English. To help you prepare for this section of the test, links to some Listening samples along with short reviews about them are provided here.

Check Out Some IELTS Listening Samples

Preparation for IELTS is incomplete if you do not master the Listening Section of the examination. To help you prepare for it, links to some samples that you can check out are as follows:

  • This website provides you with not only listening practice modules but also with advice and tips to help you ace the Listening section of the test. All the practice modules comprise 4 separate listening materials and 40 questions that you have to answer in 30 minutes. Since it strictly adheres to the test format the test samples of listening section of this website will give you a feel of the actual examination. Moreover, each module consists of a practice section along with an actual test. As the answers to all the questions in each sample are provided, you can review your answer script, on your own, after each test. Thus, if you require thorough practice then you could check out this website.

  • The listening samples available in this website are very elaborate. The samples cover all scenarios from an academic discussion, to information provided in a railway station, to casual conversation between students, to reporting a robbery. In other words the audio clips that you hear are similar to a variety of real life situations to make you comfortable with the Listening section of the test. Thus, if you are looking for samples that are very close to the ones you might come across in the examination then this is the ideal website for you.

  • : This website actually covers all the 4 sections of the test. But, it also provides sufficient number of listening exercises. The unique element of this website is that along with the samples of Listening section it also provides note-taking tips that will help you solve the Listening section better. This is an important skill, since during the examination the recording will be played only once. So you will need to take a few notes to help you answer the questions later on. Moreover, this site will also teach you to develop your listening skills by giving you pointers to help you distinguish the British style of speaking. Thus, if you want a website that will provide practice, as well as, tips to help you solve the Listening section of the test more efficiently, then you could consider this website.

  • : This website comprises exhaustive listening material. The unique thing about this website is that it covers the listening material available from other websites as well. So you will get material covering a wide range of real life situations. Some of the listening material pertains to real life conversations too. However, the site covers listening material applicable not only to this test but other similar English language tests as well. So before you start using the test samples for Listening section of this website, check the ones that are applicable to your test preparation and download only those.

Thus, from the afore-mentioned list you can now decide which website is best suited to your needs and start using its listening samples. You can develop your listening skills in an entertaining manner as well. One such option is discussed in the following section.

Make IELTS Preparation Interesting

While preparing for the Listening section of IELTS remember that you can ace this section only with practice. You can practice for this section even while watching television! Since this section requires you to be able to distinguish British accent, you can develop your listening skills by watching British channels, like the BBC. Although this is an unconventional way of developing your listening skills, nevertheless it is an interesting one. The key to a successful preparation for any examination is to make the preparation process fun and interesting so that your enthusiasm does not decrease with time. You will fare well in the examination if you can make your preparation fun and stress free.