Practice for IELTS Listening

IELTS Listening Practice Provided by Professionals

The IELTS test consists of 4 sections, Reading section, Listening section, Writing section and the Speaking section. For the Academic and General Training tests the Listening section is the same. There are 4 parts to the listening test. General topics are covered in the first 2 sections and topics with focus on education or training is covered in the other 2 sections. The passages given are in the increasing difficulty order. There are 10 questions to be answered in each section.

A very important factor that contributes to a high score in this section is the listening practice for the test. The audio tape will not be replayed so you should listen carefully and with full concentration to the passage the only time it is played. The total test duration is 30 minutes and an additional 10 minutes is given for you to copy the answers to the answer booklet.

Question Types

Listening skills and the attention you give to the information is tested in this section. There are different types of questions asked to test these skills. The question types include

  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer
  • Sentence Completion
  • Notes or Diagram or Flow Chart Completion
  • Matching
  • Classification

You have to careful with the spellings as wrong spellings are marked as wrong answers. Many professional coaching centers offer passages to practice listening test. Online and in-class classes are available for  practice. One can opt for just downloading the passages and practicing. The other option available is to enroll in classes. The advantage of enrolling in classes is that you can learn tips and strategies to effectively listen to the passage.

  • iPassIELTS -
  • This site offers both free passages to practice listening as well as paid service for IELTS coaching. They have 2 types of paid courses iPass IELTS 7 and iPass IELTS Excel. In iPassIELTS 7 they offer 7 practice tests which include 3 personal feedbacks and it is priced at €39.95. In iPass IELTS Excel it is 12 tests with 5 personal feedbacks. iPass IELTS Excel is priced at €59.95.

  • British Council -
  • British Council, one of the partners for the IELTS, offers passages to practice listening section. These passages will get you ready to face the real passages as these are very similar to them. British Council also has a special section on its website called the LearnEnglish Professionals. They podcast listening practice samples. Podcast consists of files (audio or video) in an episodic series which can be downloaded. It is a type of digital media.

  • IELTS -
  • Different types of questions for each sample task covering all the types are available in this site. As this is from the official site, practice with these samples will be very helpful.

  • Cambridge ESOL -
  • Cambridge ESOl is another partner for the IELTS. The different types of question formats are covered in the practice passages given at this site.

  • Barron's IELTS Practice Exams with Audio CDs.
  • The Barron's books are available for the different competitive exams. This book is very useful and provides tips and strategies to answer the various sections of the test. The listening passages come in the CD accompanying the book. It costs $13.

  • IELTS Workshop -
  • This website offers both free and paid IELTS services. Paid tutorials are available for individual sections of the test and for the whole test as well. The charge for a 3 hour online workshop tutorial covering all the sections of the test is $270.

There are many more practice tests available for the listening section of the test. With a lot of practice the listening section is very easy to answer.