Listening Material for IELTS

How to Prepare Using IELTS Listening Material?

Listening is one of the sections in the IELTS test. IELTS tests the communication skills of the examinee. Listening is one of the most important communication skills. The duration of the listening section is 30 minutes and it is the same for both the Academic and General Training tests. There are 4 parts in this section. The difficulty level increases with each part. The first and second parts of the listening test are on general topics and the third and fourth parts are on education or training topics. The first part is in a dialogue form, the second in a monologue, the third in a lecture and the fourth in a discussion form.

The main idea of the listening test is to check if you can understand and catch the right information that will be required for you to study in an English speaking nation. IELTS tests this ability by playing an audio recording and asking you to answer various types of questions. These questions can be in the multiple choices, sentence completion, map/diagram labeling, match the correct answer, classification and short answer type.

Tips While Preparing

  • Get familiar with the British English accent as the language used is primarily in the British English
  • The speaker in the listening section will speak in the British English. Familiarize yourself with the British accent.

  • Learn the idioms used in British English
  • The idioms that are used in the British English are different from the American English. Sometimes the whole meaning changes. So make yourself understand the idioms usage in British English.

  • Learn the British pronunciation
  • The British pronounce words different from the Americans. Care must be taken to understand the British pronunciation

  • Review after a practice test
  • After you have taken a test for the Listening section using listening material, listen to the passage again and check your answers. Identify where you are making the mistake and correct the mistake.

Tips While Answering

  • Before you listen to the tape go through the questions.
  • Identify the specific information that you will require for each answer
  • Circle the important key words
  • Listen carefully when the tape is being played and pay special attention when you expect the answer

IELTS Listening Material

There is a lot of material available for you to practice. Practice is the key to getting a high score. The listening material can be used for taking up timed mock tests. These mock tests will help you identify your strong and weak areas. You can work on the weak areas to get a better score.

The practice aids are available from different sources. Materials are available form the owners of the IELTS itself. These materials are very similar to the real listening test. You can see the links to the best listening materials below.

There are many more listening practice materials available but the above ones are the most authentic preparation materials as the first three are from the IELTS owners and the last one has good reviews. Prepare using these and you are sure to get a high score.