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Top 5 Free Materials for IELTS Listening Test

The IELTS Listening Study Resources

In the listening section of IELTS, you need to find out how well you can listen to a particular recording, register the information from the recording in your brain and then use it to answer questions based on the information conveyed by the recording. It may sound a bit tricky and might even seem a bit demanding of your brain power. However, once you have practiced the  free materials of IELTS, you can easily answer the listening section questions. If you search the Internet about free study resources for Listening section, it may take you hours to actually find some useful websites. Hence, save up your precious time and read through this article for the five best  free resource centers of the exam.

University of Cambridge-IELTS Listening Resources

In the University of Cambridge website, you shall receive a concise study of the listening section in IELTS. Other features include:

  • It summarizes the content, format, timing, question pattern and answer tips of the  section.
  • You can learn about the most effective methods to approach the Listening section questions from it.
  • In addition, you get to solve free sample tests for the Listening section, containing audio samples.
  • The practice tests are categorized according to the type of listening section questions, in order to facilitate the test taker's learning capacity.

To know more about sample audio files and practice tests from the University of Cambridge, click this link:


In the IELTS Blog, you can find tips and strategies to answer the listening section questions. Let us analyze what else it has to offer:

  • You will also get sample recordings for the listening section and full-length practice tests (with audio samples).
  • The links for the test are endorsed by the British Council, hence increasing the authenticity of the practice tests.
  • In addition, you can download and install IELTS listening software, which provides you with four free sample tests for the listening section.
  • You will find the download link of the software in the blog itself.
  • Finally, you can remain updated about the current exam pattern and share your knowledge or queries with fellow bloggers.

Go to and find out more.

IELTS Tips-Listening

Taking the IELTS test can become a little difficult if you are unaware of proper test taking tips. At the IELTS Tips-Listening website:

  • You shall learn about ways and strategies to take the listening test of the exam.
  • You can learn about the specific accents to follow in the test, tips to distinguish between American and British dialect, etc.
  • There are about ten or more tips in this free website for listening test (
  • You also have the option to read an overview of the listening section from it.

Dominic Cole's IELTS Blog

According to the owner of this website, unlike the common beliefs, there are many tips and strategies to learn in order to answer the listening section. Likewise, in his blog:

  • He brings forward some of the best tips and schemes to attend the listening section successfully.
  • He provides you advice and recommendations, on how to interpret the listening section questions.
  • He assists you in approaching the questions, the importance of exercising short hand and benefits of answering all questions, etc.

Click at to learn more about this resource for free.

Canada Visa IELTS Practice Tests

Canada Visa provides a simulated environment for the sample listening tests that perfectly imitates the actual test conditions. In a Canada Visa practice course:

  • You will get two sample practice tests (with audio files).
  • The option for calculating your IELTS band score is an add-on.
  • You also have the options for converting your band score further into Level Status and Points Awarded.

Visit to have a closer look at this website.

The free online resources of IELTS have their own perks and advantages.

  • Firstly, you can easily access the free preparation materials for Listening section on your personal computer.
  • Secondly, unlike in the actual test conditions, you can rewind the audio files in these online prep resources.
  • Finally, you can use the IELTS blogs to interact with fellow test takers and get answers for your listening section queries.

You may also face shortage of funds for buying IELTS prep books or courses. Hence, save your money and opt for these free online materials for listening section. Be dedicated to your preparation and make the best use of the above mentioned study resources.