Download for IELTS Listening

How to Select IELTS Listening Material for Download

The score that candidates receive in the Listening section of IELTS indicate the candidates' proficiency in not only understanding the spoken form of the language, but also in understanding and analyzing instructions given in English with a British accent. Thus, if you are a candidate or an immigrant wishing to study or settle, respectively, in UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, it is absolutely necessary that you do well in this section of the test.

To help you prepare for the Listening section, there are a number of websites that provide audio clips (free or paid) that you can download and listen. But, before you select a website and start download you should take into account some essential features of the website. Some important features that the download website should offer are discussed in the following section.

Remember When Downloading IELTS Listening Clips

If you are preparing for the test on your own then you should have a good selection of audio clips to help you prepare for the Listening section. The websites from which you do the download should have the following features:

  • The website should have audio clips covering different situations like, classroom lectures, conversations, monologues, announcements etc.

  • The website should consist of questions similar to that you will come across in the examination, pertaining to the recordings that you download.

  • The answer to the questions should also be given. It will be an added advantage if the website provides a review along with the answers.

  • The website should also contain tips and strategies to help you develop techniques to answer questions of this section in an efficient manner.

The afore-mentioned list outlines some of the features that you should take into account while selecting websites from which you download for the listening section. To help you make a selection some links along with a review of the websites are discussed in the following section.

Links to Help You Select IELTS Listening Material

There are a number of websites that provide audio clips, which can be downloaded either free of cost or by paying certain amount of money. Some links that you can consider are as follows:

  • This website provides an elaborate description of what the Listening section consists of. It begins with a number of tips and advices to help you prepare for this section. Moreover, it provides short description of the type of recording that you would hear for each part of this section. The website comprises 4 practice modules and they cover almost all the types of audio clips that you will hear in an examination. Thus, if you require download for listening that covers a large number of scenarios and provides you with all the required tools for a complete preparation then this is the best website for you.

  • : This website prepares you not only for the Listening section but the remaining 3 sections also. This is available in this website are in the form of 2 practice modules available free of cost. An interesting feature of this website is that each audio file comes with a 'transcript'. In case you have difficulty understanding the accent then you can read the 'transcript' in which the recordings have been written in a pdf file for you. The transcript will help you analyze the answers better. Thus, if you are looking for complete preparation then this is the best website for you.

  • : This website too contains a number of audio clips similar to those you will hear in an examination. The practice questions that you will come across in this website replicate the types you will come across in the test. Here you will come across not only multiple choice questions, but also questions where you will have to make a table or select the correct diagram. Thus, if you need to practice questions you will come across the test, then this is the ideal website for you.

  • : This website contains a practice module along with a test module which you will have to complete within 30 minutes. This website tries to give you a feel of the time constraints that you will be facing in the actual examination. However, the first practice and test modules are free of cost. You will have to purchase the rest of the material by paying $7.99. Thus, if you need a website that provides timed tests then you should check out this one!

The afore-mentioned list provides some links that you could consider while preparing for the Listening section. Before you start preparing for the examination ensure that you have downloaded sufficient material so that you can plan your routine and prepare accordingly. So download the required amount of material and start preparing.