IELTS- A Language Test

What to Expect in the IELTS Test?

Introduction to IELTS

The language test of IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is an examination that will test the English proficiency of an individual. This test is often taken by those candidates who wish to study, work or migrate to an English-speaking country. There are two versions of this test and the one you have to take will depend on whether you will be studying, working or settling in an English-speaking nation. The Academic module is one that you will have to take if you are planning to study in a college or university of an English-speaking country. The General Training module is for those individuals who wish to relocate or work in a nation where English is the native language.

Sections in the IELTS Language Test

In the language test, you will find that there are four sections. These are as follows:

  • Speaking: In this section, you will find that there are three sub-sections. In the first section, the candidate will be asked about his personal information such as his work or interests. In the second section, the examiner will give the candidate a topic and he will have to speak on it after taking a minute to note the points that he wishes to include in his speech. In the third section, there will be a discussion between the candidate and the examiner (generally on the things that the candidate has said in the second section).

  • Listening: This is another section of the test where the candidate will have to listen to audio recordings and then answer the questions accordingly. There are four sub-sections in this part of test. Keep in mind that the audio recordings will be played only once.

  • Reading: The Reading section is one where you will find three sections. Each section will have paragraphs and questions relating to these paragraphs. You can expect around forty comprehension-type questions in total here and the Reading section is also different for the Academic and General Training modules.

  • Writing: The Writing section is one where you will have to write two essays. The topics will be given and you will have to think carefully before you write the essays. In Writing Task 1 of the Academic module, you will be shown a diagram, chart or graph and you will have to write an essay by referring to this. In the General Training module, you will be asked to write a letter in Task 1. Writing Task 2 is also different for the two modules. Here, you will be given a topic and you will have to write for or against this topic.

Keep in Mind...

The total duration of this language test is two hours and forty-five minutes for all the four sections of the examination. It is essential that you understand the format of all the sections well before you go and take the test because this is the only way to ensure you will get a high score band. Ideally, it will be a good idea to spend at least two to three months preparing for the test because you need to practice on a regular basis in order to get a good score band. There are books as well as preparation courses that you can consider when you are preparing for the language test. You will also find many free resources online that you can use at the time of preparing for this English test. Of course, there are also many courses that are held locally and if you are interested in them, you can also find out more about these local courses and join the preparation classes.

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