Help for IELTS

5 Sources That Can Provide You Help For IELTS Preparation

How to Prepare For IELTS

Students have many methods to prepare for IELTS. You can find many websites online for help with the test. There are many books available for help. Let's look at some of the ways to prepare for the four sections of test.

1. Reading: The Reading is one of the most difficult to prepare. You need to be well-versed with reading different things. It tests your understanding and your ability to reproduce what you have understood in this particular section. For help in reading, familiarize yourself with the test first. Once you are through with that read articles in magazines and newspapers, which are on varied topics. Since students do not know the topics that come for Reading, it is very difficult understand and write about an unfamiliar topic. Reading various topics will help you overcome this obstacle. Next is to get to know the main idea in an article. Understanding the main idea in an article will give you leverage on the questions that are asked in the Reading section.

2. Writing: The best way to improve one's writing skills is to write. Write several sample essays and get them corrected by your teacher. Reading sample essays online would help but writing them yourself is more effective. Plan your writing before you get down to it. You can use a rough paper to write what the introduction, body and conclusion of your essay will contain. This will help you organize your thoughts before you write. Take assistance from your test-preparation institute if you are enrolled in one. If you are not, you can even ask your school teacher to help you with the same.

3. Listening: This is a very tricky section in the test. This is because, even though you may know the content of what you are listening to, you will have to quickly answer questions. Your mind and hand need to work in coordination for this section. The only way to master this skill is by practice. There are many materials available online for help in the listening test. You can use sample audios for listening to gain practice and expertise in this section.

4. Speaking: For people who are extroverts by nature, this section will not be very difficult. Those who are introverts need to be a bit proactive. You can hold some mock interview sessions with your friends and family and take turns in asking questions to each other. You can get the sample questions that are asked in Speaking off the internet and prepare a questionnaire for yourself. You can also see videos of people who give interviews to understand how to answer a given question.

5 Sources That Can Provide You Help For IELTS Preparation

1. IELTS: The official website provides fantastic help to test takers. This should be your first choice in preparing for the test. Practice papers, tips, sample audios, mock interviews, this site has it all. Here is the link to the official website

2. IELTS-Blog: This blog provides you with strategies and tips for preparing for the exam. It is quite helpful since they bring real-time experiences from test-takers and make the blog very real. It is certainly worth a look. Here's the link:

3. This is a site which will provide you with links for test preparation. They have elementary, intermediate and advanced levels of reading exercises for Reading. They have links for listening and writing practice which can be very useful. Here is the link:

4. This is a full-fledged preparation website. They have various 'Plans' for different kinds of preparation for the test. You can enroll according to the time you can spare for preparation. They have 12 practice tests, over 350 IELTS training videos, live speaking practice, writing labs and many more services. Here is the link:

5. British Council: This one is one of the most authentic sources to prepare for the test. The British Council has been partnering with the test for many years now and has also been one of its authorized test centers. They have their very own free online preparation course, which can be of great help. They have genuine materials for studying and also many test strategies. To know more visit the following link