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Tips for Selecting a Good IELTS Test Guide

The test guide of IELTS comes in two formats i.e. electronic version and a normal paper format. You can find out detailed information about a guide online. Choosing a test guide may depend on various factors. The first and foremost factor is of course the content of it. Your test guide must cover all the sections of the exam in details. Along with a guide you should get some tapes or CDs to cover the listening section. An online test guide also includes the audio files for the listening section. It must cover all types of questions that are asked during the exam. The language of your  guide must be easy to understand and straightforward. Since you are learning about the language itself the author must build your concepts step by step by using everyday language. The whole aim of a guide is to make you clear the exam, so it should be to the point with stress on how to solve the paper.

Apart from the subject matter a good guide should include a few more things. It should explain the exam pattern in detail. Every section of the test has different varieties of questions. The time given to solve these questions also varies from section to section. Once you know the exam pattern correctly the actual question paper will look familiar to you.

The guide must contain explanations to the solutions given. The explanation to the wrong answer is equally important as for the right answer. Such an explanation helps you build logical and analytical mind set to weigh each of the answer choices. A good  guide should have sample question papers. It is better if they are the copies of the previous years’ actual tests. Practice tests are the best way of preparing yourself for such exams.

Any good test guide will contain extra information to make the process of taking the test simpler. It will guide you through the complete process of the exam from registration and selection of the exam to evaluating your performance on sample tests. IELTS is conducted at various centers throughout the year. Your guide may give you a list of test centers available across the world. It will also contain information about how to fill in the registration form. Along with the explanations to the answers your test guide should provide you a method to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

IELTS Preparation

If you plan to do self-study then here are a few steps for you to follow. Find out the complete information about the from the official web site www.ielts.org. Decide on a particular attempt of the test so as to plan your timetable. Register yourself for the test date convenient to you. Get hold of a good  guide either from the market or online.

Take a sample test before you begin your study. Performance at this test will make you understand your relative skills in all four areas of the exam. Now start studying for these sections. Give adequate time to every section. Once you complete the lesson solve the questions based on it. The test focuses on use of correct grammar rather than decorative language.

For the listening section you need to listen to the recorded monolog or dialog. Here you may find different accents of English being used. Also one has to prepare himself for concentrating on what is being said as well as answering the questions based on it simultaneously. Practice a lot for this section. In the writing section you need to prepare yourself for quickly organizing your thoughts to develop the given idea. In the General Training module you may be asked to write a letter in one of the questions. When you practice these types of questions you should aim for first preparing the outline of your passage and then go on filling in the details. The speaking section is an interview section with three sub sections in it. One should practice introducing himself to include his achievements in all possible fields. The use of correct grammar is of utmost importance here.

Once you have studied all the sections reasonably well start solving the question papers in actual time conditions.


IELTS exam is not difficult if you are a little careful in your selection of a test guide and study. Understand the exam pattern correctly, study religiously and solve ample questions. A good test guide can be your best buddy for preparation.

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