IELTS-General Training

Where All Can You Get Training for IELTS General Training Module

What Can You Expect from a Coaching Institute for the IELTS General Training Module?

Let's look at some points to consider, before you enroll in an institute for the General Training of IELTS:

  • What are the kinds of materials that you will need for preparing for the General Training module? Usually test materials provided by test-preparation institutes comprise of the Official Guide; however, some institutes have their own publications which they use. These self-published materials may not necessarily be the ideal guides for the test. You can delineate the good materials from the bad ones by actually going through the materials provided by these institutes. Your points of assessing should be: number of practice tests, conceptual differentiation, examples provided for understanding, etc.

  • What kind of courses do these institutes have, to help you prepare for this test module? There are many kinds of courses that you can enroll for, such as: online courses, live online courses, classroom courses and weekend courses. These courses for the General Training, essentially contain similar content, but have molded their style to suit the varied needs and convenience of people. You must keep in mind to enroll for the right kind of course that suits your needs.

  • What is the duration of the course? Students have varying methods of understanding and aptitudes for competitive examinations. You need to evaluate whether the duration of the course is long enough to help you brush up the entire syllabus of the General Training version. While you do this, keep in mind that some institutes have both regular and short courses.

  • Remember that the preparation for General Training module is not the same as that for the  Academic module. Do your homework and understand this distinction before you look out for preparation classes to enroll in.

These were the few points to be kept in mind before enrolling into a training institute for this module.

Reviews of Some IELTS General Training Institutes

1. TALK School of Languages: At TALK, they ensure that their students learn English in the best possible environment. It is accredited by ACCENT, which is Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. They are international leaders in English language and training. Since the test is essentially about the English language testing, TALK preparation course can be of great help to students preparing for the exam. They have different levels of training in English for those who are weak in the subject. They have separate batches running for the Training module and the  Academic module. This institute is especially good for those looking out for a better grasp on grammar and spoken English skills for the test. They also have special programs for the test that include intensive private or semi-private sessions. They cover around 22 units of the test course per-week. They hold sessions every week from an intermediate to an advanced level. The course is designed to help students achieve higher band-scores for the test and they have customized classes to cater to the different needs of the students. For more information on the program, You can visit their website through the following link

2. IELTS Worldwide: This is a hands-on, solution oriented training institute for the General Training module. They specialize in the test and provide other miscellaneous services, along with  training. They have classes for students all over the U.S., Australia and U.K. They don't hold classes formally, instead they provide the materials required to prepare. So, once you have chosen the package you want and the payment is made, the material is shipped to you. For example, if you want 10 sets of practice papers, you need to make the purchase on their website and they will ship the materials across to you. They have a combination of free and paid services for listening, reading, speaking and writing sections. You can either choose any specialized materials that you would like, or you can get the entire package for the test that they are offering. Here is the link to their official website

There are many other institutes that help you prepare for the General Training module. Be sure to refer to the points given in this article before you settle down for one.