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How to Select IELTS Free Material

The IELTS test is designed to evaluate a test taker's ability to speak, write, read and listen to content in the English language. People take the test for a number of reasons but most commonly to either study or migrate to an English-speaking country. A test taker's overall score band on the test largely depends on the scores he has secured in the individual parts of the test. This means that a person taking the test cannot afford to make mistakes in any part of the test. This is primarily why you should be well prepared for the test. Test takers studying for the test either sign up for professional help through the medium of coaching classes or make use of free material if they are confident enough to study on their own. Your material should:

1. Be published by reliable and renowned publishers and authors

2. Help you understand all major parts of the test as well as sections and question types.

3. Give you ample examples so you have thoroughly understood everything

4. Contain practice questions with model answers so you can evaluate your performance

5. Feature full-length mock tests so you can mark areas of improvement

There is a host of free materials available online and can be found through the use of a simple online search with the right keywords. Some of the aids available for test preparation are mentioned below. Read and understand what the content of the free aids is before you decide to use them for your preparation schedule. One thing a test taker should bear in mind before using the material to prepare for the test is that it is meant for someone who is confident enough to study by himself.

IELTS Worldwide

This is an online knowledge base which provides priced as well as free material. A test taker is to visit the website and take a look at the material available. The website contains lessons for each part of the test as well as sample questions and practice sets so a test taker is prepared for the test from end-to-end. Once you have finished studying for the test you can also take full-length mock tests so you can gauge how much you have improved or how much you will need to improve. To read more about the aids available on IELTS Worldwide visit

IELTS for Free

This is yet another online knowledge base that provides test takers with preparation material. The site provides useful links to online study material so a test taker can learn parts of the test that he is not familiar with. After a test taker has studied all the important material, he can choose to take practice question sets or full length practice tests to evaluate his current abilities in the English language. You will be required to create new account, which is free, in order to use or access the content available on the website. To read more about this visit


IELTS AIPPG is just like the above mentioned web portal and provides free material to aid test takers in preparing for the test. You can download lessons from the website to your computer and refer to them whilst studying for the test. The website also provides strategies and tips for taking the test. You will also find essential data that gives you the most common words and phrases from the test as well as sample topics for every part. To read more about this free material visit

Your score will be a direct representation of your abilities in the English language. Good preparation will mean that you achieve a high score on the test. Prep aids combined with dedicated effort are more than enough to get you through the test with flying colors.

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