IELTS Registration Form Filling Guide

Registering for IELTS

You will find that when it comes to registering for the test, you can do it in three ways. You can choose to register for it online, via courier or you can visit a test center and register for the test. The most popular method for registration is via online. All to you need to do is visit the official website of this test ( and follow the instructions there to register for the test. Of course, there are also many people who prefer to visit the test center and register for the examination. If for some reason, you can not apply online or visit the test center, you always have the option of sending all the relevant documents via courier to the test center for the purpose of registering for the test. Irrespective of how you choose to register for this examination, you need to make sure that you fill in the form correctly and in the right way so as to prevent any problems from arising.

Guide to Fill Up the IELTS Registration Form

  • First of all, you need to have two recent passport sized photographs. You will have to submit them along with the form. Keep in mind that this document should be filled in block letters.

  • You will have to choose two dates and mention it in the 'Preferred Date of Test' part of the form.

  • You will then have to make sure you write your family name and given names clearly on the test form. It is also necessary for you to select the appropriate title. Remember, you can choose 'Dr.' only if you are a qualified doctor.

  • In the 'Address for Correspondence' part of the form, make sure that you enter your correct and most recent mailing address so that the score report will be sent to your address once you are done with the test.

  • You have to provide valid telephone number along with your city code. It is also possible for you to enter your mobile number in the 'Telephone/Mobile Number' section.

  • In the 'Email' section, you have to write your valid email address in clear handwriting so that any correspondence to you will be received without any problem.

  • When you are filling the 'Date of Birth' section, enter your birth day first followed by the month and year. Ensure that the birthday you mention is exactly how it appears on your passport.

  • You will have to mention your passport number and also mention your nationality code in this form. In this document, you will also have to mention your first language as well as your occupation.

  • You will need to write why you are taking the test and which country you wish to apply to (for studies, employment or relocation) along with the test module (General Training or Academic) that you will be opting for.

  • If you have taken this test before, you need to mention this and also give details of the previous test(s).

  • You will also have to mention where and how long you have been studying English and the level of education you have completed.

  • You will be asked whether you have any special requirements in the test form. If you have, then you need to mention the same here.

  • If you wish to send your result to an academic institute or an employer, you need to provide the name of this body here.

Keep in Mind...

Filling up the form is not difficult at all if you follow the tips mentioned above. Just make sure that you double check the information you have provided before signing the document and submitting the same to the relevant authority.