Tips for IELTS Exam

7 Invaluable Tips to Score High in IELTS

IELTS is the most popular medium that helps you in getting admission to a college in an English speaking country. Besides, it provides you with a channel to migrate to an international location and be employed abroad. However, you need to plan your study to crack the test. The score ranges from 0 to 9. If you want to score high in this test, you ought to follow the seven most invaluable tips listed here to excel over other aspirants.

  • Consult the Official Website of IELTS
  • The official website contains sample questions from all the test sections of the test i.e. the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking test sections and thus, provides you with the exam tips. These questions are similar to the real questions that are asked in test and thus, will give you an idea of starting your preparation and working on the weak areas of your study.

  • Refer to the Books of IELTS
  • You can refer to Official Practice Materials Volume 1 (With CD) and Official Practice Materials Volume 2 (With DVD) for getting the exam tips. These volumes are created by the administrators of the test i.e. British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. The book contains:

    • Practice questions from all the test sections i.e. the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking sections.
    • Complete explanations for answers to all questions.
    • The Volume 1 of this book includes listening test samples.
    • The Volume 2 provides you with tips on taking the speaking test.

  • Strengthen Your IELTS Vocabulary
  • While you browse through the books to get tips for the test preparation, you cannot neglect the Vocabulary part. Therefore, if you want to score high in the test, you have to refer to some of the best books such as Check Your Vocabulary for English for the Examination. The salient features of this book are given below:

    • You can learn general vocabulary through various exercises such as conditions (if, unless, etc), locations, directions, analysis of graphs etc.
    • You can learn specific vocabulary through the topics such as work, the environment, healthcare etc.
    • If you want to gather more information, you may consult the webpage

    You can also get grip on vocabulary by consulting various online vocabulary lists. One such list is mentioned for your reference:

    Dominic Cole's IELTS Blogs provide you with tips on improving your vocabulary. To get detailed information, you may refer to the link

  • Join An Eminent Coaching Class
  • You can choose to join one of the best coaching classes for the test. Kaplan offers you the exam tips both in physical classrooms and online. You can get access to online instructions through audio and video lessons. If you have any doubt, you can consult your mentors through chats. To get detailed information about Kaplan's IELTS courses, you can visit the link

  • Form A Study Group
  • You can form your own study group with your peers or you can interact with the administrators and other tests takers online on Facebook. This can be an interesting method to get the exam tips to improve English vocabulary and Grammar. You can discuss with your peers and can clear your doubts on test topics. To get more information, you may visit the link

  • Follow Some Other Important Tips
  • You should follow some important tips such as for the Writing section, you should write down the main points while you are going through the topic. Then arrange those points according to their importance in writing. Finally, elaborate on those points.

    For the Listening section, you should note down important points while you are listening on a topic.

    Try to attempt all of the questions in exam, as negative marking is not applicable to the test. Approach easy questions first and then move on to the difficult ones.

  • Attend Exam in Time
  • You should reach the test center at least half an hour before the test begins. This will help you in relaxing and concentrating well on the exam.

The above discussion conveys to you the most valuable tips that will surely help you in scoring high in the exam. However, the most important aspect is how you concentrate in the exam, manage your time and how careful you are while reading and following the given instructions.