Registration for IELTS Exam

Things to Keep in Mind for IELTS Exam Registration

The IELTS is a standardized test conducted in over 130 countries all over the world. The test measures the competence of an individual in the English language. Because English has slowly become a universal language and is no longer restricted to a few English speaking countries only, to accommodate so many different countries, the test is conducted on fixed dates, 48 times in a year. The exam registration is a very simple process but every candidate has to keep a few things in mind before registering for the test. Following are a few lists that will help you understand the process of registering for the IELTS and make you aware of the requirements of the registration:

The process of IELTS exam registration:

1. The registration details should firstly be procured from the official website

2. Check the website for the available list of test centres and test dates so that you can decide which place and date suits you for the test.

3. Procure the application form for the test from its website or visit the local centre near you to get a form for registration.

4. Fill up the application form after deciding on the module (Academic or General Training), of the test that you want to take.

5. The website also provides the details of the documents and the mailing details required for the submission of the exam application form. You should procure those details as well.

6. The registration is possible in most of its test centres around the world and you can either visit the centre or mail them your forms. The mode of payment is also decided by the centre keeping in mind the country in which the centre is.

7. Registration should be done as per the test centre rules and timelines. Though IELTS is a global examination, it follows local rules.

8. Online registration is also possible but the option is only available to candidates who are residing in the United States.

Important points to remember about the IELTS exam registration:

  • Every test centre and every test date has a deadline for registration. Find out about the deadlines for your test centre as soon as you decide on the test date.

  • Though the test centres have different methodologies of conducting the test, the documents and details required for registration are the same worldwide. Check for these details on the official website.

  • The passport is the generally accepted identity proof that is acceptable for registration but there are exceptions to this rule and you should find out if you fit that exception.

  • Every candidate needs recent passport size photographs. The candidate should not be wearing any glasses in the photographs and the photographs should be signed by the candidate at the back.

  • Every country has a different currency and you should arrange for the registration fees after properly finding out about the fees in your country. Do not go by figures mentioned anywhere else. Check with your test centre only.

  • If you are taking the test for academic purposes and want the results to be sent to the institutions that you want to apply to, then you should mention it in the form for application.

  • Check the mailing address of the test centres before sending your registration forms by mail. If you have already sent the forms, confirm their receipt.

  • Do not alter your identity card or carry a different form of identity card on the test day. The test centres accept only the identity card that was originally used for the registration.

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