Preparation for IELTS Exam

5 Things to Remember for IELTS Exam Preparation

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test administered by the University of Cambridge EOSL Examinations, the British Council and the IDP Education Pvt Ltd. The test is administered in order to facilitate students or people to migrate to English-speaking countries in search of a professional career option or for work opportunities. The test focuses only on testing the English language proficiency of the test takers. However, your ability to present ideas in a meaningful manner with abstraction in your thought will also be tested indirectly. For this purpose, the test paper is designed to contain four crucial aspects of a language, which are the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Further, the test is administered in two different test formats, which are the Academic test version and the General Training test version. Exam preparation for IELTS is must and the prep experience will surely be a bit different when compared to that of other competitive examinations.

How to Prepare for IELTS?

Your preparation for IELTS must be mainly characterized by patience and memorizing. You must focus on improving your knowledge right from the basics. You might have an advantage if you are a native English speaker or else you would require great deal of effort in order to master the English language. First, you must concentrate on improving your fundamental knowledge upon the language.

To perform well in all the sections of the test, you will need to practice. For the Speaking section of the test, you will also require to exercise your vocabulary and speech skills. Your speaking skills alone might not also be able to solve the purpose since you are also required to present the given topic in an interesting manner that requires good knowledge and abstraction in your ideology. The rest of the sections of the test require more of your theoretical knowledge of English. At the outset, to score high in the test, you need to master the four critical aspects of any language, which are the four sections of the test.

5 Things to Remember for IELTS Exam Preparation

1. Extensive Reading

Your exam preparation must be primarily characterized by extensive reading. If you read extensively irrespective of the topic of your interest, you will have the chance of gaining immense knowledge, both on the language learning front and the general knowledge front. This preparation quality will help you improve you grip on English language very profoundly. Further, extensive reading will help you keep updated.

2. Pondering and Developing Ideas

This is also a good idea to develop your language skills. After reading a news article, try developing your opinion upon the news item and try to present it in your own words. For this, try to maintain a record of all such texts and review them to find mistakes and correct them. This way, you will gain experience to develop your opinion as well as presenting it in English with finesse.

3. Rigorous Practice

Practicing rigorously is obviously the most important step in your preparation. You must never lose faith in your abilities. If you do not perform well in a practice test, make sure that you be conscious of the mistakes that you may have performed and try not to repeat them ever again.

4. Memorizing

Mastering a language certainly requires your memorizing attention. You will have to memorize new words, their meanings, contextual usages etc as part of your preparation in order to improve your overall skill over the English language. Concentration and dedication are required for you to memorize and remember the memorized aspects well.

5. Day of the Test

On the day of the test, you might feel a bit tense than that of other examinations because this exam also includes an interview as part of the examination. You must be prepared well for this interview during your preparation and make sure that you do not commit any mistakes arising out of your nervousness.

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