What to Expect In the Essay Writing Task of IELTS


The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is a measure of your efficiency and ability of English language. It tests your capability to use English language in essays and reading comprehensions and in facing interviews based on your prowess over English language. Among the topics tested in IELTS, the essay or the Writing section plays an important role. It is recommended that you improve your writing skills for the essay section in order to score high in it. To score better in the essay section, it is also recommended that you read articles and journals from several magazines and editorials. This gives you an idea and an insight about framing essays on the topics given in the test.

What Type of Topics to Expect In IELTS Essays

The IELTS has two different modules of testing. The Academic and the General Testing are the two forms of the exam. Hence, the essay section also has two modes of testing, the Academic Writing section and the General Writing section. Let us discuss the two types in the following:

a) Academic Writing: This section contains two tasks. In the first task, the test taker faces a graph or a table, a chart or an illustration. The test taker is requested to interpret the information given in them and sum it up into few words. The next essay task is to compose a response to a given argument or issue. This essay should contain at least 250 words while the summary essay of the first task must contain at least 150 words. The essays framed in both the tasks must follow a formal style of writing.

b) General Writing: In the General Writing sections, the test-takers face two writing tasks. In the first task, the test taker faces a condition or a position based on which he has to write a formal, personal or a semi-formal letter. The letter must demonstrate the situation given in the task and it must at least be of 150 words. The second essay task requires the test taker to write an essay of not less than 250 words based on an argument, debate or a statement. The essay in the second task should be a response to the given question.

The topics covered in the essay section normally relate to subjects of general interests. They are authentic and concern the daily life. Your ability to compare and interpret data and the test takers' power to frame logical essays to arguments are the skills assessed in the Academic Writing. The General Writing section assesses the test takers' ability to communicate ideas and form opinions about a given argument or topic. In the following headings, you can read about some sample essay topics that may help you in making your concepts clear.


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Hence, from the above discussion you get to learn much about the essay section of IELTS. It is advised that you pay extra attention on the way you should write and frame your essays in the test as the essays are an important source of scoring high in the test.