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IELTS Courses for Academic Module

The IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. You may need to take this test if you want to study or work in an English speaking country. The two modules of this test that are available are Academic and General Training. If you are planning to take the Academic module of the test, then you will most probably require some professional help in preparing for the test. In this article, we review four courses that can assist you in fulfilling your goal of performing well in the test. These courses are as follows:

1. Victoria School:

Victoria School offers a language course for the test. The usual course duration is four weeks. You can also take a shorter course if you do not want four weeks of preparation. The test center for IELTS is close to where the classes are held and you can register to take the test there. This company offers many choices of packages and you can select the English course that suits your preparation needs and schedule. The link you can use to find out more is http://www.victoriaschool.co.uk/learn-english/language-courses/ielts.html.

2. British Council:

The British Council offers a comprehensive English course to help you prepare for the test. The British Council has been teaching English to students for many years and the instructors are some of the best in this field. The course consists of the latest curriculum and sufficient practice tests are offered to the students. If you enroll here, you will also have access to the British Council's excellent library.

Two courses are offered; an intensive course consisting of 20 hours of teaching over 5 days and a longer course consisting of 32 hours of teaching spread over 8 weeks. The British Council, however, is quite clear that its policy is to help you perform to your best level in the exam. If you just want to improve your command over English, then you may have to take a different option. The British Council requires you to already be reasonably proficient in English before you take the English course. You can find this course at http://www.britishcouncil.org/india-education-course-details-ielts-preparation.htm.

3. Manhattan Review:

The Manhattan Review course is directed towards the particular requirements of the students who are planning to attempt the test. The course for the Academic Writing test focuses on training you, as a student, to answer each section with confidence. You will be given individual attention and your own specific requirements will be taken care of. The Manhattan Review instructors are highly trained professionals. They will teach you the strategies you need to do well in the test. The link you can use for this course in India is http://www.indiamr.com/.


This offers online classes as a part of the English course. This will be useful to you if you are unable to schedule regular classroom sessions for your preparation. If you have access to a computer and an internet connection, then you can avail this course from any location of your choice. Another advantage of online classes is that you can view the videos as many times as you want to during the validity period of your subscription. The classes are conducted via video and you will have access to an instructor in order to clarify any doubts you may have. You will also be provided with practice tests which will be assessed by an expert. You can find this course at http://www.ielts4u.net/.

You can research the options available and select the English course that you find is the best suited to your particular needs. With professional help, you can be almost certain that your exam results will be satisfactory to you.

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