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Free Downloads for IELTS Preparation

The IELTS is an international, standardized test designed to check the English language proficiency of the candidates who want to study or work in English speaking countries. Clearing the test is a must, if you want to study at tertiary level in many of the English speaking countries; if you want to migrate into some of the countries like Australia and Canada or if you want to get trained or study at below graduate level in any of the many English speaking countries, it is a must again.

A number of online resources and books/booklets are available on IELTS, these days. While many of these provide general information on the exam and its pattern, there are a large number of resources dedicated for the test preparation. A few of the important resources and download materials are listed below.

Understanding IELTS 

Before taking IELTS, it is important that you understand about the test, its purpose, objective and different versions. Depending on your purpose, you could take either of the two versions of the test - Academic (for studying at tertiary level in a country where is English is the main spoken language) and General Training (to work, get trained, study at secondary school level or below, or migrate to an English speaking country). Both versions have four parts to test your abilities and skills in the basic areas of the English language communication, viz., Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing.

The official website is the best place to start with if you are planning to take the test in the near future ( This is a well-organized information hub on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The website is divided into specific sections for Candidates, Teachers, Researchers, and Institutions and provides all relevant information like the test format, FAQs, test dates, test locations, institutions recognizing IELTS, and sample download materials. The test information booklet is a summary of all relevant details if you are a prospective candidate. It is available for free download at:

Other relevant online information resources on the test include:

IELTS Practice

There are many professional review courses available for preparation. However, you could study on your own, as there are a number of free materials available online and offline. Here is a list of 10 useful links for practice.

1. The official site has many sample/practice download materials you could use for free ( Sample tests for all the four parts of the exam are available for practice and answers to the tests are also provided.

2. The Overview page of the Cambridge ESOL Teachers section has very good information on the test and sample materials on all the four sections of the exam. The sample questions and practice materials are available as PDF files and can be saved to your system for future offline usage. (

3. The Road to IELTS is a free, online, self-preparatory course for IELTS from the British Council. This course lets you practice timed listening tests, develop writing skills, work on reading tests and increase your vocabulary. You need to register for the course at:

4. The IDP IELTS site has free sample tasks and  download materials for the benefit of test takers ( IDP also has an IELTS Essentials guide for download which provides important information on the various aspects of the exam.

5. The Exam English site has some free online practice tests. These include listening, reading, writing tests, grammar and vocabulary exercises (

6. The CanadaVisa website has some free online tests for preparation ( These contain practice questions for all the four parts of the exam.

7. Dominic Cole's IELTS blog has many links and resources useful for preparation. There is a separate section for downloadable materials for speaking, listening, reading and writing sections of the exam (

8. The IELTS-Blog is a site offering some free materials for the writing section of the exam (

9. The website has a collection of free download resources and links (