IELTS in Denver

Where and How to Take IELTS in Denver?

More than 2000 students take up the IELTS test in Denver. It is offered at Bridge. This is the official testing center in Denver. The test is offered 33 times in a year and it is administered only on Saturdays. Generally the test is administered 48 times and on Thursdays and Saturdays

Bridge offers both the IELTS test in Denver as well as preparatory courses for the test.

Applying for IELTS

The test can be applied in three different ways.

1. Online Application- Application submission and the registration fees can be paid online. Scanned copies of your passport and 2 photographs can be sent by email. You can register online at this site,;jsessionid=C124AE6D9CD5D976C4F83C3CF7611A5F.

2. In-person Application- The office at Bridge is open from Monday to Saturday but with different timings. Monday to Thursday it is open from 8:30 am to 7:30pm, Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and on Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. You can go to the center directly and apply by submitting all the required documents.

3. Mail- The application can be downloaded and filled in application with the required documents and money order for the registration fee can be sent by mail. You can download the application at

You can mail your application or reach Bridge at
IELTS Center
Attn: IELTS Administrator
915 S. Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80246 USA

As in other test centers, this center also confirms the availability of test date on a first-come first-served basis. Therefore it is advised that you register as early as possible for the date you would like to take the test on. It will send a confirmation email to you within 5 business days with all the details. You can give your first and second choice of test dates on the application form. If the first date is unavailable, the second date shall be confirmed automatically if it is available, else you shall be intimated.

You are required to arrive at least 30 minutes before the test begins. Passport must be carried as a proof of identification. Personal items like cell phone, iPod are not allowed inside the exam hall.

When you plan to take the test in Denver, you can register for a preparatory course. The preparatory course will help you get a better score. Even if you are good at English, the preparatory course will give you good practice for the test which will help you get a better score.

Courses offered in Denver for IELTS

BridgeEnglish, the official test center for IELTS at Denver offers preparatory course for the test. They offer 2 types of courses, one is an intensive course for 1 week duration and the other is a 4 week preparatory course. They offer discounts for the course if you take up the test at their center. The 4 week preparatory course offers 6 hours of classes for 4 weeks. The 1 week course offers 3 hours of intensive coaching for 4 days of the week totaling 12 hours of preparation. Each day is allotted to one of the 4 sections of the  test.

Cactus Language

Cactus Language offers a preparatory course for the test. It is 21 lessons per week course. This course is only for 1 week and it is aimed at students who already have a good knowledge in the English subject. The main objective of the course is to give a clear understanding of the skills tested in the test and the strategies that can be used to answer the questions in the test. The maximum number of students per class would be 10 and the average would be 8. If the number of students is less, the number of hours for the course would be reduced.