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Which Are the Most Preferred IELTS Dates

IELTS Exam Dates

IELTS exams are conducted on specific dates. Test-takers must be aware of their test date right from the beginning of their preparation. Deciding on a test date a fortnight before the exam is not advisable. Knowing the test dates, is just as important as knowing other factors such as the test centre, test pattern etc. There are a total of 48 dates that are fixed each year for the test. There are two modules of the test: Academic and General Training. The Academic module is available on all the 48 dates however, the General Training module has been allotted 24 dates; with additional four dates available in Australia.

Which Are the Most Preferred IELTS Dates

The most preferred  date is directly related to the time that you want to use your test score. There are different opinions on when to take the test, simply because there are many factors that are related to it. Let's look at the factors to be considered before choosing an ideal test date.

  • Preparation: How well prepared are you to take the IELTS? This is an important factor that will affect your scores in a big way. Some students make the mistake of imitating their peers and prefer to take the exam along with them. They don't consider the fact that their friends might be better prepared than them. You must begin to browse the test syllabus and content right from the last quarter of your high school. By the end of three months you will be in a position to decide whether it is appropriate to take the exam immediately or wait. Those who find themselves not-so-prepared can take the test around September/October because they can evaluate the scores and it will give them ample time to take a retest by November. They can apply to college by January.

  • Time factor: Those who find themselves to be prepared for the test and would like to choose an appropriate test date may do so around November. It is advisable that you decide to take the exam in November only after you have taken a mock test at your preparation institute and have achieved a good band-score. If you take the test in November, you will be ready to take a plunge into college by January, i.e. the fall semester. Note that some colleges have the fall and the spring semester, in either case let there be a gap of at least three months between your chosen date and the submission of your college application.

  • Validity: Keep in mind the validity of your test scores. Your scores are valid upto two years. In case you are not planning to apply to college immediately after your high school it is better not to take the test after your high school. Ideally, your deadline for submission of college application must follow your test date by not more than four to five months. This means you take the test and receive your score and four months later you submit your application for college. This point is especially useful for those students who decide to take a break after their high school.

To conclude, be prepared to face the exams as well as you can. Beginning early will be beneficial and will work in your favor. Joining the preparation institute is advisable if you are not very confident of self-preparation. Choosing the right test date is very crucial to your score, so use the above given points well before deciding on one of the test dates. Remember that it is mostly preferred that students take this test as soon as possible. Additionally, it is also preferred that they make use of the scores as soon as possible.