Online Courses for IELTS

IELTS Courses That You Can Take Online

People around the world take the IELTS test to prove proficiency in the English language. The test is divided into four major parts of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. A test taker receives an overall score band which is calculated from the scores he receives in each part of the test. Hence you should ensure that you prepare for each and every section thoroughly as you can not slack on the test. Test preparation courses are the most common way through which test takers prepare for the test. People who are confident about their ability to use the English language fluently, take up  online courses. This is a modern way of imparting knowledge that is tested on the test. Online courses  usually feature video lessons, live interactive sessions. Test taking tips and strategies, practice sets and mock tests. Since there are many test preparation companies who provide the courses online, a little research would help you pick one that suits your test preparation needs. Always ensure that you pick the courses that are:

1. Conducted by experts and managed by a recognized coaching association

2. Equipped with the right coaching and study material

3. Able to test improvement to mark strengths, weaknesses and current abilities

An online search will give you results about the courses. Depending upon the amount of aid you will require in preparing for the test you can pick a full fledged course or a targeted course for a specific part of the test. Below are some of the most famous test courses that you can take online.

  • This is one of the online courses that students use to prepare for the test. Test takers can pick from Academic or General Training modules depending upon which test they are to take. The course features online video lessons so a test taker can learn everything that is on the test. It also features practice exams for Reading, Writing and Listening parts of the test. You can even clear all your doubts through e-mail or instant chat messaging with your tutor. This is by far one of the simplest course and can be taken up by anyone. You also have the liberty to pick between a 1, 2 or 3 month subscription so you can access all the content until you are thoroughly prepared for the test. To read more information visit

  • IELTS-Exams
  • This is yet another one of the courses which are used by test takers as part of their self study. The course features tips and strategies as well as explanations for every part of the test. The test taker can visit the website and either download the necessary content or refer to it online. It also gives a test taker various practice sets so that he can check to see if he is improving in his skills in English or not. The website also has a dedicated forum where experts and test takers can interact with each other and clarify any doubts they might have about the test. To read more information about this course visit

  • This is one the online courses that provides you with a professional evaluation of your mock tests so you know exactly how much you have to improve. It features over 350 video lessons so a student can learn everything about the test thoroughly. After you have finished studying for the test you can use practice question-sets to test your abilities. You receive 90-days unlimited access to the online content. The course also offers a 24-hour money back guarantee. To read more about this course visit

Everything eventually boils down to how dedicated you are in preparing for the course. If you are head-strong and have made up your mind to achieve a high score band on the test there will be nothing that can stop you.