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Selecting the best amongst all IELTS Courses

There are numerous online courses of IELTS as well as courses run by local institutes. However, you need to be wise while choosing from them. All of these coaching institutes and web sites try to boast about themselves. You as a candidate would want to settle for the most rewarding course out of the available test courses. There are certain characteristic features of good  courses. Let us know about them one by one:

  • Adequate study materials - The study material covered by the courses should be enough to prepare you for the test. Since you have to listen to tapes of monolog or dialog in the listening section, you should be provided with audiotapes or suitable software at your test course.
  • Course duration – These courses are considered good if they are of a duration that is able to give you practice of all sections and all types of questions. They should be able to teach all basic skills of English to students and also provide enough practice that leads to perfection. It should wind up the lessons in a hurry, but should provide grasping time to students.
  • Understandable – These courses should employ such means that are easy enough to make you stick to it. It should make learning a new language simple as well as pleasurable, so that it seems as an effortless journey towards learning English.
  • Experienced faculty – Experienced teachers make the best guides and leave a huge impact on your score. Your  course faculty must have good knowledge of their field so that they are not only able to deliver effectively but also are able to understand the problems of students. These guides should be able to clarify all doubts that students have and should be able to provide individual attention.
  • Positive and Encouraging surroundings - The strength of your test class at the coaching institute should be less such that you get personal attention of your faculty. It  should be comfortable for all students and they should be encouraged to bring out their best. They should encourage students to benefit from group study.
  • Practice materials - Along with study lessons students should be provided with enough practice materials. Practice material like sample questions, question banks, workbooks, previous year papers etc should be provided. You should also be provided with detailed answer explanation to the practice questions. Good  courses would provide the answer key as well as reasons behind each answer option.
  • Mock practice – IELTS needs a lot of preparation and repeated revision sessions. Therefore good test courses should be able to give you such revision sessions that help in strengthening the correct knowledge in your minds. To prepare you for the speaking section, there should be exam-like interview that gives you a complete picture of the actual interview.
  • Easily accessible – The institute where the test courses are held should be easily approachable.
  • Reasonable cost - The course fees should be reasonable and in accordance with its duration and the study materials that it provides. An expensive course does not necessarily mean a good course.

The features mentioned above apply not only to the courses run in private coaching centers but also to online courses. One should try to get feedbacks from friends or online about the quality of any test course available online or in coaching institutes. The course designed by the British Council is considered as one of the best courses for preparation of IELTS.

Advantages of an IELTS Course

The test course is always better to prepare yourself for the test. This will make you do regular studies and practice for the actual test. It will keep you motivated and focused towards your goal. With a course, you get all your study materials at one place and thus save a lot of time. You get expert advice and valuable suggestions to improve yourself. Group study at a coaching institute keeps you motivated and makes you learn from others.


IELTS courses serve as basic factor behind a good score. They offer you study materials, experienced faculty, practice material, healthy competition and encouraging environment. Just be a little careful while choosing the course, as you should not end up paying a huge amount for little returns.

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