Coaching for IELTS

Different Types of Courses at IELTS Coaching Centers

The IELTS test is a globalized English test that is taken by people who aspire to wok, migrate or study in an English speaking country. The test screens students' competencies in four parts of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The test takers are allotted a combined score band which is dependent upon the individual score bands achieved in the above mentioned four sections. It is for this reason that a test taker is required to thoroughly concentrate on each part of the test and not neglect anything. A lot of students opt to sign up for coaching classes. Students who are not proficient in the English language are trained to listen, understand, speak and write English with an effort of improving their skills and consequently their test scores. There are various types of coaching classes available to suit different needs of test takers. A test taker may either sign up for dedicated coaching for specific parts of the test or for a full fledged coaching class where he will be trained for everything that is on the test. Below are some of the different types of coaching given at coaching centers.

  • Kaplan IELTS Preparation
  • Kaplan is a renowned coaching expert that trains students for various other exams and has excellent customer feedback so you can be sure that they are reliable. Kaplan offers  a course that is called "IELTS Intense" which is an intermediate level training program. The course features 7 structured study lessons which will train you to use the English and another 28 classes that will prepare you for the test thoroughly. This course is conducted at various locations around the world and has different start dates so you can begin with your preparation when your schedule permits you to. To read more  about the classes from Kaplan visit

  • IELTS International Course
  • Students who would like to go to another country and prepare for the test through a course can pick this test preparation option. A preparation course is conducted in the cities of Liverpool as well as Cambridge which is 2 weeks long. It consists of 40 hours of tuition from expert IELTS trainers. You can either choose to sign up for the course with accommodation in the city of your choice or you could sign up for it without accommodation if you can manage it by yourself. Students who cannot travel to another country could also pick the International Online course. This course is conducted during the summer. To read more information about this coaching class as well as other preparation options visit

  • Barron's IELTS Test Prep
  • This is a coaching option for those students who think they will be able to manage preparing for the test by themselves. Barron's test preparation offers a book called Barron's IELTS. It is used as a preparation guide for this test. The book is accompanied by an audio CD which helps you prepare for the "Speaking" and "Listening" parts of the test. The book also thoroughly explains each section and question type as well as provides you with examples for better understanding and practice. To read more information about this coaching option or to purchase it at Amazon visit

Picking one of the many coaching classes available is not a difficult feat. The important part however is if you have picked the right coaching class for yourself. Students who do not need much aid in preparing for the test should pick self-help preparation options. This should only be considered if you are fully confident that you will be able to perform well on the test with self-preparation.