Classes for IELTS

IELTS Classroom Coaching

The word IELTS is generally seen to strike fear in the hearts of students. This fear of the exam acts as an impediment in the actual test. The way to drive out this fear is to prepare yourself to the best of your abilities. Since the types of questions asked in the exam are continually being revised, it makes more sense to take the classes than attempt to prepare on own. Teachers of these classes keep themselves aware of the changes in question types and are in a position to better guide you to success. Apart from that, classroom coaching is more beneficial to students when the format of the exam is foreign to them. It can help in increasing the students' confidence, the doubts of the students are cleared side by side and the teacher works to make the student as comfortable as possible with the format of the test.

If we talk in a global context, there are very few organisations which offer standardised training the world over. Let us talk about some of the institutions which offer the classes in today's time.

British Council:

British Council is one of the institutions that own the examination and is very famous as conductors of the examination. The organisation also offers the classes to students who wish to receive the benefits of classroom coaching. The Council has various sessions of classes and two types of courses. There is a 5-day crash course which has 20 hours of intensive training before your exam. This course is recommended for students who already maintain a level of competence in the language and do not need too much time to gain mastery over their subject. These crash courses are run throughout the year in most British Council centres. Contact your nearest centre to find out more.

The other option available to students who do not feel at ease in conversing in English is the 8-week course. This course has 32 hours of training distributed over 8 weeks. You can build up your skills at your own pace. The 8- week course has five sessions in the Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn and Winter. This applies to almost all British Councils all over the world. Along with preparatory classes and expert teachers, enrolling in the course will get you complimentary preparation materials endorsed by the British Council. It holds classes in all countries in which it has its offices. You can find the relevant course dates for your country by going on to their site. One of the countries in which British Council conducts its test preparatory classes is India. You can visit this link for more information -


IDP also offers training in IELTS but this option is not available in all countries. IDP Australia Pty Ltd is also a co-owner of the examination. IDP does hold seminars on IELTS in all countries where it has its offices but its classes are not available as easily. Contact you nearest IDP test centre to find out more information. The organisation holds both short term and long term courses. Most batches are of 4 weeks or 6 weeks which is the standard in all other training institutions too. It is recommended that if you choose to go for classroom coaching, you should go for IDP or British Council as they would provide more accurate training for the test. You would be able to familiarise yourself with the test and learn about the types of questions that actually come in the exams. You can find your local IDP office by visiting this link - - and find out more about the preparatory classes they offer.

Kaplan IELTS Preparation Courses:

Another popular coaching centre for IELTS is Kaplan. The brand continues to have a monopoly in providing training for standardised tests. It has its offices mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom. Kaplan is British Council approved as a trainer for the exams. They run courses of 5-10 weeks in all their centres. Go on to their site to find a training centre close to you. All preparation material is given to you on enrolling into the course. You can choose a course according to your level and the amount of preparation you need to get a good score. All this can be determined by consulting their counsellor. The link to Kaplan's various preparation courses for IELTS is -

There are more training centres than you can count these days. If any of the above options is not suitable to you, you can choose to enrol in another centre that suits you better. Centres that have become popular by word of mouth tend to be more effective in training than those that have gotten popular on the strength of heavy advertisement.

Taking classes can help you to familiarise yourself with the test. The instructors also tell you what type of answers are expected in the exam and prepare you to the best of their capabilities. But none of this will work if you do not work at your own end and make the best of efforts to excel in your preparation.