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3. Online IELTS Coaching Class:

The online coaching class of IELTS allows the student to prepare for the test at his own pace. The student can start the online coaching class anytime and the duration of this type of a coaching class can vary from one month to two years. The online  class provides the student with all sorts of technical help, which he needs. The student just has to send an email and he will be provided with all sorts of help within a time period of one day. The facilities that are provided in the online class include a number of interactive readings, listening exercises along with free online discussions.

The student can join the online coaching  chat rooms and text chat with other students who have enrolled for this class and as well as with the online instructors. The personal tutor support that is provided to the student allows him to mail any sort of non-academic question to which an assured reply will be given within a time period of one working day.

4. IELTS Coaching Class Cds:

There are a number of coaching class CDs that the student can make use of to prepare for the test. These CDs help the student to practice a lot of grammar that will help him with his speaking and writing. The student is provided with a number of articles. They contain sufficient amount of test tips and include a number of practice tests.

The student gets a chance to practice listening as well as pronunciation. The CDs contain inbuilt dictionary, which offer a lot of help to the student. They provide a compact course and cover all parts of this test i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking. They provide the student with all sorts of exam skills and a number of graded text practices. The  coaching class CDs include the test briefings and a lot of writing practice with a language and writing practice bank.

In the end it can be said that a coaching class is the best medium through which the student can prepare for the test and secure good band score in the final test.

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