IELTS is helpful for a student to gain an entry into a university or college in Canada, Australia, England and New Zealand. The test is made up of four modules i.e. reading 60 minutes, writing module 60 minutes, listening module- 40 minutes and speaking module 11 to 15 minutes.

The student before sitting for the test should try to attend a class as it would help him in getting familiar with the test's format. The different types of  classes that he can enroll for are:


The student can register himself for a regular class that is held in the college and university campus on fixed days and for a fixed time. They offer year round classes to foreign students. The main idea of a regular class is to make the student accustomed with the exam format. The regular class teaches the various techniques that the student should have in order to succeed in the exam. The student, by attending a regular class, is able to increase his understanding of the language that he will have to use for the speaking test.

If the student's level of English is good, then he can straightaway join the class and appear for the test when he thinks he is completely prepared for the test. After attending the regular class, the student can gain confidence and thus attempt the reading, writing, listening and speaking tests.

The time needed to attend this class can vary from student to student. Where one student may need to attend the class of IELTS, the other may need to attend the class for a longer time to get familiar with the test modules and secure good test score.

The instructors are always present in the regular class. An instructor will help the student to get proper knowledge of all the four modules of the test. The student can take the help of the instructor in order to understand and evaluate the reading and writing texts. By attending a class, the student gets to know how to interpret the diagrams, charts, tables and graphs. He gets an opportunity to practice the writing tasks by giving them useful tips, tricks and strategies related to the various points that he should cover while writing the task.

The student by attending a class comes to know how to write the academic essays. The instructors guide the student to divide the writing approximately into introduction, main body and conclusion. This helps in making the writing impressive and the student is able to give put forward his viewpoint in a systematic and meaningful manner.

The instructors present in a class help the student to understand the authentic listening passage and give tips on how to attempt the listening text. He gets a chance to practice the listening module, as it provides the student with proper listening lab facilities where he can undergo practice as he wants.

This class gives the student an opportunity to speak on a variety of topic. They conduct mock tests on a regular basis so that the student becomes familiar with the types of questions that he will come across in the final test and thus gain confidence.

Some colleges and universities which conduct the classes also have arrangements to host accommodation on request. The accommodation that is arranged is usually within walking distance from the area where the classes are held.


To enroll for the fast track test class, the student will first of all have to fill the fast track class program brochure and an enrolment form. The cost for the fast track class varies from institution to institution and also depending upon the number of sessions that the student wants to attend.

The fast track class enables the student to increase his chance of getting a good score in a minimum period of time. The duration of this class is usually five hours per month. Usually two classes of two and a half hours are held on weekends in a month. These test classes are held on fixed hours. The location of the fast track class is convenient enough so that the student doesn't have to spend maximum time in traveling. The fast track classes are offered at two proficiency levels.

The higher proficiency level prepares that student whose aim is to secure 7 bands or more in the test. The next level of proficiency is for that student whose aim is to secure 6.5 bands.

The fast track class will provide the student with lots of opportunities to build up various types of skills by providing an interactive environment. The instructors present in the fast track test class keep on informing the student of what is needed to achieve success in the test. This class provides the student with opportunities to solve questions that are found in the test. The instructors instruct the student how to apply the newly acquired skills and strategies while solving the various types of questions. The student is provided with adequate amount of learning material.

Besides this, the student benefits a lot from the face-to-face interaction session that is held with the highly qualified and experienced instructors. The student gets to learn the tricks of time management and develop the strategies as well as skills that will help him gain good scores in the test. The fast track class allows the student to become familiar with the various components of the test and learn more about all the four modules.

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