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How does Your Performance Depend on the IELTS Test Center that You Choose

IELTS is a globally recognized test of English in which the test takers demonstrate their skills of English Language for pursuing their career and studies in an English-speaking country. The test is administered in over 800 locations across the world covering many countries. The standard and the approach of this test along with its contents make it the most popular way of evaluating the strength of English language skills of the non-native speakers and all those aspiring candidates who want to migrate to a country in which English is the primary mode of communication. There are two versions of the test that are chosen by the students based on the requirements of the organizations or the academic institutions in which they have applied:

  • General Training
  • Academic Training

The score of IELTS is recognized by 6000 organizations throughout the world that includes immigration authorities, professional and government bodies.

IELTS Test Center

The test centre is either managed by British Council IDP and IELTS Australia (http://www.ielts.org/test_takers_information/find_my_nearest_test_centre.aspx) or independent organizations or bodies that conform to stringent standards of safety and customer service. The candidates or the test takers can find out their nearest centre through the  Worldwide Search http://www.ielts.org/test_centre_search/search_results.aspx in which they can filter their search based on the country, territory and city. Beside this, they can also get latest information on the test dates and the fees that they should pay for taking this examination. The  aspirants should contact their nearest centre to request for the Application Form of this examination.

Performance of the Students and Choosing a Test Center

There are several factors that should be considered by the candidates or the test takers while choosing a centre as it affects the performance of the students on the day of the test. In this section, we will consider some of those factors:

  • The candidates should choose the location carefully that will allow them to have enough time to travel to the test location. They should avoid arriving late on the test because they might not be allowed to take the test.

  • If a student has to travel to a far off location to take this test, he/she should carry food and water as it is necessary to drink water and avoid dehydration on the day of the test.

  • The IELTS aspirants should complete their registration formalities as soon as possible and contact the centre as their preferred test center may get filled early and they may get tired while traveling to a distant location to take this test.

  • The owners direct the students to stay relaxed before taking the test and an oddly located test center can make a candidate anxious if he/ she gets late somehow.

  • The test is completed within one day without any breaks, which can exert lots of exhaustion unless the centre is chosen with care.

  • The combination of Listening, Reading and Writing make IELTS a difficult proposition for the students and choosing an appropriate test center will ease their worries on the day of the test and allow them to implement what they have learnt till now with an unmatchable performance.

However, the availability of so many test centers for IELTS has made it easier for the students to choose a suitable one based on their convenience. According to the general norms, the test aspirant should try to register early for getting a suitable test center on a particular date of examination.


The test takers should pay attention to their choice of location and choose their favorite center quickly or otherwise make sure that they are well equipped if they are travelling to a centre that is located far away from their residence.