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5 Things to Keep in Mind for Selecting an IELTS Center

IELTS or International English Language Testing System is administered in more than 800 test centers across 130 + countries. The test is administered up to 4 times a month and it tests your proficiency in English. The test dates are fixed at all the centers to create uniformity in the administration of the test. A good score in the test will take you closer to your dream of studying in a good university.

The site,, gives you the option to search for the different centers available at the location of your choice. It can be chosen by selecting the country from where you are interested in the taking up the test. A list of the available centers is given to you. You can further narrow down your search by selecting the city you opt for. Clicking on the "More Information" link below the centers gives you the details of available test dates.

Consider the following points before you select the test centers,

1. Proximity

Check if test centers are available at your own city. If yes, check how many centers are available in your city. Choose the one that is closest to you. Closer the center lesser time will be lost in travelling. If your city does not have a test center, choose the one in another city that is closest to you.

2. Accessibility

The center may be close but may not be accessible easily. Check and select a center that has good connectivity. Some centers may be close and have good connectivity but reaching there may take a lot of time due to traffic blocks. Do not choose such centers. Choose one that will take the least time to reach. To make sure that the chosen center is the best center, try to reach the center on a day same as your test day. Check the time taken and the accessibility. This will help you to choose the right center.

3. Availability of Date

Once you have chosen the best center, check if the test date you are applying for is available. Some centers do not administer the test on all test dates. If it is available, confirm your seat by paying the registration fees. If it is not available, you can either choose another center or choose another date at the same center. Unavailability can be due to two reasons, one being that the test center is not offering the test on that date and the second reason being the seats getting filled up before you apply.

4. Availability of the Test Version

There are two types of test versions available, the Academic version and the General Training version. The Academic version is available on all the 48 test dates but the General Training is available only on 24 test dates. If you are applying for the General Training version, make sure that the General Training tests are available at that center on that date.

5. Comfort Level

Try to get as much information about the test center from others who have already taken up the test. Some  centers may not be very comfortable. The chairs may not be comfortable. If the seating is not comfortable, then you may lose valuable time trying to adjust yourself. If you are taking up the test in a city other than yours make sure you will be comfortable in that city and make your bookings for your stay there.

Before you pay the registration fee, select your test center very carefully. The test center has to be close to your place with good transport facilities. The  center has to be available on the day you wish to take up the test. Consider all the five points well before you select the test center.

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