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How to buy?

IELTS books are available in the market as well as online. Payment for online purchase can be done through credit cards or e-banking. There are lots of web sites which offer you  books for purchase. Some of them are and It is always better to buy a package which contains books for written exams and CDs/tapes for listening section.

Studying from IELTS Books

Your preparation can start once you have procured your books. Take a sample test and see how much you can score without any preparation. This is your take-off level. Your relative scores in all four sections explain you your strengths in each of them. Prepare your study time table and allot enough time for each of the sections. Since all the sections have different aims and formats you may study them at different times of the day. Tougher sections may be studied when you are cool and calm and can concentrate well.

During the first couple of weeks you can study the concepts and question formats in each subsection of the test. As soon as you understand a particular concept you must solve sample questions based on it. Since it is a test of your English skills it is always better if you can do some supplementary study of English. This can be in terms of developing your vocabulary or studying interview techniques. Use of appropriate words can help you to prove your point in your interview or in the writing section.

Once you have understood all the sections fairly well you can start solving the sample test papers. One should try to solve these test papers in exactly the same time frame as will be during the actual test. Such mock tests can make you mentally prepared for the exam pattern and the time constraints. The more you practice the better will be your actual attempt.


IELTS is a test of your communication skills in English. All the sections of the test are different from one another. The score of the test varies on a band of 0 to 9. Half point score increments are also possible. That means every half point variation in the test's score means a considerable difference in the performance. To score high in the test you need good  books. They contain all the information about the test's sections as well as practice techniques. A good book provides you a lot of sample tests to practice. Good quality  books for preparation can become your buddy in preparing  for the test from all angles.

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